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The Bauer 20V Drill is one of the more popular offerings of 2020. But popularity can sometimes prove confusing. There’s so much discussion regarding it that people find it hard to narrow things down to objective facts. This Bauer 20V drill review simplifies things by examining specific metrics.

We’ll look at specs, features and how they hold up for users. One can then use this Bauer 20V drill review to determine if it’s a proper fit for one’s own projects.

Bauer 20V Drill Description

When reading the Bauer 20V drill review, one should remember just how light and compact it is. The drill uses a brush based design for general operation. And it runs at speeds between 0-450/0-1700 RPM depending on user settings.

The drill’s body is similar to industry standards. But a noticeable exception can be found with the metal grip. It also has an easy switch to jump between speed settings. This overall ease of use makes it a good match for hobbyists or people with limited scope in their projects. And a lower than average cost also makes it attractive to someone just getting started.

However, the extra durability also makes it well suited to people who want a tool for long term use. The extended battery life also suits people with larger projects or length of use. The only real exception comes from anyone dealing with hither tier, lengthy, professional work.

The variable speed settings and firm metal grip are its most notable safety features. These help ensure one maintains a firm hold on various surfaces. The lower weight also helps in this regard. Finally, it has an LED system for safe use in lower light conditions such as night or even enclosed spaces.

Bauer 20V Drill – Specs

The Bauer 20V drill comes in a fairly compact 7 ½”x8 ¼” form factor. Additionally, it weighs in at under 3 lbs. Combined with a cordless design, one can easily carry the drill almost anywhere. The 20v battery aids this as well. It stores enough power for even large projects. One can also purchase additional 20v batteries to swap out.

Dimensions: FruityWeight: 10 hoursMaterial: YesBatteries: NoMotor Type: YesPower Source: YesVoltage: YesWatts: YesWarranty: Yes

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Bauer 20V Pros and Cons

When reading this Bauer 20V drill review one should first consider the price. It’s a fairly inexpensive drill when compared on a feature by feature basis. However, sometimes the lower price comes from offering less.

For example, it only ships with one battery while many competitors supply two. At the same time, it provides better overall battery life than similar drills. And that’s even considering the fact that it has an overall higher than average level of power. It can also use that higher power level to work with lower drill speeds for some extra precision in a project.

The metal grip might fit as pro or con. It can take a little getting used to for people accustomed to rubber grips. Working with a metal grip in winter does make storage in warmer places a concern. But the metal design also means that there shouldn’t be any noticeable wear and tear in the grip over time.

Plastic or rubber often becomes worn down long before the drill should be unusable. Finally, the brushes tend to produce a slight odor at first as they’re worn in. But this disappears fairly quickly.


  • Powerful
  • Inexpensive
  • Support for lower speed options
  • Metal Grip
  • Small charger size
  • Long battery life


  • Rapid charger feature isn’t noticeably faster
  • Only ships with a single battery
  • It’s under warranty for just 90 days
  • Brushes might need to be worn in through light use before running without friction oder

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What Users Say

One user mentioned that he bought it as a backup for his corded 1/2 inch drill. It quickly showed itself to be a match for the projects he tried it with. So far he’s only used it in smaller projects. But he reports that it’s held up in terms of both power and battery life.

Another user reported on his use of the Bauer 20V drill for a deck construction project. The drill was used over the course of a weekend. This took the deck from initial stages all the way to completion. And in that time he reports only needing to charge the drill three times. He was particularly impressed by the fact that it only cost about half of what one might expect from the overall quality.

Finally, a user took special care to note how it feels to use the Bauer 20V. He noted that the sound of the gears is superb. And he noted that going between high and low is easy enough to be enjoyable. He was also quite happy with the hand grip when compared to his other four drills. And despite having so many drills, he stated that the Bauer 20V has become his primary choice.

Even Video Reviewers Have a Good Opinion About It

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This Bauer 20V drill review puts a heavy emphasis on its positive qualities. And in general, this is because the drill’s pros far outweigh the cons. Usability features like long battery life and the metal grip create a high quality experience. But the overall cost comes out as lower than comparable drills. As such, it’s easy to recommend the Bauer 20V to anyone looking for a reasonably priced mid-range drill.

This Bauer 20V drill review can only cover its main points though. As such, readers should share their own experiences. This helps everyone get the most out of their drills.

Have you used this drill or something similar? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. User feedback is always welcome.

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