Choosing the Best Dewalt Drill: The Main 8 Options

Known for having the best of the best tools, DeWalt is a brand that you can trust. DeWalt’s product lineup includes an impressive array of drills for both home use and professional use.

In this review of the best DeWalt drills, we’ve listed eight drills that best embody the DeWalt brand. While we’ve listed them in ascending order according to the average price range, don’t mistake the last one on the list as a low-quality drill.

Every single DeWalt drill in the list is a high-quality product that gives competing brands a run for their money.

NameProductVoltageMax RPMPrice
DeWALT FLEXVOLT MAX Rotary Hammer/Drill CombinationDEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Rotary Hammer-Drill Combination, SDS MAX, 1-9-16-Inch20V/60V3,150Check Price
DeWALT DCD470B MAX In-Line Stud & Joist DrillDEWALT DCD470B 60V MAX In-Line Stud & Joist Drill with E-Clutch System60V1,320Check Price
DeWALT DCD130B 60V Max Mixer/DrillDEWALT DCD130B 60V Max Mixer-Drill with E-Clutch System60V600Check Price

Best Dewalt Drills Reviewed

8. DeWALT Corded Drill with Keyed Chuck

DEWALT Corded Drill with Keyed Chuck=

Power Type: Corded
Voltage: 120V
Amps: 7 amps
Size: 10.1″ x 9.1″ x 2.8″
Weight: 1.77 lbs
Chuck Size: 3/8 inch
Max RPM: 2,800

The DeWALT DWE1014 corded drill is the best DeWalt drill for home use. It’s inexpensive, and it’s lightweight to reduce user fatigue. While it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles like other DeWalt drills, the simplicity of the drill can be appreciated.

It makes it great for inexperienced users who just need to do some light housework. It’s also great as a “secondary” drill for simple, light-duty projects, so you don’t have to overuse your main or professional drill.

Great for DIY projects.
Has a lock-on switch to reduce fatigue.
Keyed chuck keeps drill bits from falling out.
Hard to control the speed – it revs up fast.
Can only use at full speed with the lock-on feature turned on.


This drill is perfect for DIY projects and home use. It’s simple and great for inexperienced users. It’s also a good choice for light work and as a secondary drill.

7. DeWALT DWD115K Corded Drill

DEWALT Corded Drill, 8.0-Amp, 3-8-Inch=

Power Type: Corded
Voltage: 120V
Amps: 8 amps
Size: 3.44″ X 12.75″ X 13.06″
Weight: 4.1 lbs
Chuck Size: 3/8 inch
Max RPM: 2,500

This DeWalt drill is a step up from the previous one. It has a slightly stronger motor at 8 amps, and the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip and better balance. The ergonomic handle is appreciated since it’s somewhat heavier than the previous drill.

The DWD115K drill has a variable speed motor, and that can deliver up to 2,500 rpm. While this isn’t quite the level that a professional would need, it’s plenty for home use and DIYers.

Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue.
The handle has a soft-grip material for comfort.
It has an all ball-bearing construction for longevity.
Not suitable for heavy-duty use due to lower RPM.
Doesn’t shut off instantly – takes a couple of seconds, so this isn’t suitable for delicate work.


This drill is a little more powerful than the previous one. Its handle is more ergonomic and brings more balance when in use. Not necessarily professional-grade, but great for home use and DYI projects.

6. DeWALT DCD791B MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill-Driver=

Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 20V
Amps: From 1.5 to 12 amps depending on the battery you choose
Size: 8.31″ x 3″ x 7.56″
Weight: 3.4 lbs
Chuck Size: 1/2 inch
Max RPM: 2,000

This DeWALT drill is quite a few steps up from the first two. It’s here that we start getting into the drills that are suitable for a professional. This lithium-ion battery-operated drill has a variable speed motor that offers two speeds – 550 rpm and 2,000 rpm.

While there are drills with higher RPMs, the brushless motor and high-speed transmission give the drill what it needs for a top-notch performance. The best part is that this is the best price DeWALT 20 volt drill with a brushless motor.

It has a three-mode LED light with a 20-minute auto-shutoff.
It has an ergonomic comfort grip handle.
Lightweight, compact, and easy to handle.
Battery sold separately, so it’s not as cost-efficient as you think.
Tends to vibrate a lot.


This model is more suitable to professionals than the other two. Despite the fact that batteries are sold separately, it’s still worth it for the brushless motor, quality transmission and excellent performance.

5. DEWALT DCF887B MAX XR Impact Driver Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver Kit=

Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 20V
Amps: From 1.5 to 12 amps depending on the battery you choose
Size: 8″ x 3″ x 5.88″
Weight: 2 lbs
Chuck Size: 1/4 inch
Max RPM: 3,250

Every professional needs a great impact driver, and the DeWALT DCF887B doesn’t disappoint. It’s powerful, it’s affordable, and it’s compact. What more could you ask for? The DCF887B boasts an incredible 3,250 rpm and 3,800 IPM (impacts per minute).

It has a variable speed motor with three speeds. The first speed is a precision speed for delicate jobs that require extreme accuracy. In other words, this drill is going to get the job done fast and accurately. Another great feature is the three LED lights, so you can be sure to see what you’re doing with no shadows. This is a great drill at an affordable price.

LED lights have a 20-second delay after releasing the trigger.
One-handed loading of the hex chuck.
Brushless motor operates very quietly.
The battery is a separate purchase
Not suitable for light-duty jobs.


Powerful, affordable, and compact, this drill can go up to 3,800 impacts per minute. It has three speed settings – from delicate to heavy duty. The LED light is great for dark and tight spaces. Great choice for professionals, despite the battery being sold separately.

4. DeWALT DCD996B MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit=

Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 20V
Amps: From 1.5 to 12 amps depending on the battery you choose
Size: 4″ x 10″ x 8″
Weight: 4.7 lbs
Chuck Size: 1/2 inch
Max RPM: 2,000

This is one of the top DeWALT drills on the market. It’s hard to find a decent hammer drill, but DeWALT took the guesswork out of shopping by producing this high-quality tool and offering it at an everyday low price. It features a brushless motor with variable speeds – three to be specific.

The drill provides an RPM of 2,000 but has an IPM of 38,250! This makes the DCD996B the perfect tool for drilling through masonry. Pair that with the DeWALT-brand high-power, high-efficiency, brushless motor, and you can get some heavy-duty work done promptly.

Made in the U.S.A.
Chuck is made of nitro-carburized metal with carbide inserts.
Has 11 clutch settings.
Not suitable for light-duty jobs
Battery sold separately.


With an IPM of over 38,000, this tool is perfect for drilling through masonry. The brushless motor is designed with heavy duty work in mind. The three different speed settings are good for all types of scenarios.

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3. DeWALT DCD130B 60V Max Mixer/Drill

DEWALT DCD130B 60V Max Mixer-Drill with E-Clutch System=

Power Type: FlexVolt Battery
Voltage: 60V
Amps: 6, 9, or 12 amps depending on the battery you choose
Size: 13.3″ x 13.1″ x 4.2″
Weight: 6.49 lbs
Chuck Size: 1/2 inch
Max RPM: 600

It’s here that we start getting into the premium models of the best DeWalt drills. The DCD130B drill is a model that is worthy of a professional. This tool is intended to be a mixer, so it must be powerful – and it is. It features a 60-volt brushless motor and uses DeWalt’s most durable lithium-ion battery.

This makes it even more powerful than a corded drill. It has a side handle that can be oriented in three different positions so that you can have complete comfort and control of the drill. Other impressive features include the three-position side handle and the super bright LED lights.

The three-position side handle allows ease of mixing.
E-Clutch system senses drill movements and automatically stops drill in case of loss of control.
FlexVolt battery allows you to mix up to 19 buckets of drywall in a single charge.
A little bit on the heavy side.
Not suitable for light-duty drilling.


With a keyed chuck that keeps bits in place and a brushless motor, this drill is an excellent choice for professionals. The side handle is adjustable and offers extra comfort in any position. The LED lights are perfect for working in the dark.

2. DeWALT DCD470B MAX In-Line Stud & Joist Drill

DEWALT DCD470B 60V MAX In-Line Stud & Joist Drill with E-Clutch System=

Power Type: Battery
Voltage: 60V
Amps: 6, 9, or 12 amps depending on the battery you choose
Size: 12.4″ x 2.4″ x 4.5″
Weight: 15.32 lbs
Chuck Size: 1/2 inch
Max RPM: 1,320

Introducing the best DeWalt cordless drill: it’s a genuinely fantastic piece of equipment. When you need a specialty drill for studs and joist drilling, this is the one you want to get. It’s pricey but well worth every dollar. The drill features DeWalt’s powerful 60V brushless motor and the E-Clutch system to sense user control.

It has two speeds, and you can switch between them seamlessly without feathering the trigger. This drill has so many great features and such an impressive performance that this drill should be a part of any contractor’s array of tools.

Tool Connect™ Tag ready to keep track of the drill via the DeWalt app.
Magnesium gearcase.
Easy-grip ergonomic handle.
Only two speeds.
No LED light.


Any contractor would be happy with this drill. It offers an amazing set of features and performance despite its considerable weight. The brushless motor and E-Clutch system make controlling it seamless.

1. DeWALT FLEXVOLT MAX Rotary Hammer/Drill Combination

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Rotary Hammer-Drill Combination, SDS MAX, 1-9-16-Inch=

Power Type: FlexVolt Battery
Voltage: 20V/60V
Amps: 6, 9, or 12 amps depending on the battery you choose
Size: 19″ x 13″ x 4″
Weight: 11.9 lbs
Chuck Size: Unspecified
Max RPM: 540

We’ve made it to the number one best DeWalt drill (and consequently the most expensive) on the list. This drill is the workhorse of the group. It’s the most powerful drill on the list and has impressive specifications and features. For one, the hammer/drill produces 6.1 joules of power per impact, and the impact rate is 3,150 IPM.

That means this hammer/drill combination is going to get through the hardest concrete you can find with ease and will keep doing so for a long time without you having to worry about it breaking down. It also has other features like the E-Clutch system and Active Vibration Control.

Built for heavy-duty, continuous use.
Active Vibration Control reduces the vibration at the handle and keeps the vibration level at 9.4 M/S² or lower.
It provides 6.1 joules of impact energy on a battery.
No LED lights.
It’s expensive.


This is by far the best Dewalt drill on our list. You can get through the hardest concrete with it. The vibration control and clutch system are top-notch, offering you great comfort as you work.

Closing Thoughts About the Best Dewalt Drills

The list above describes the best DeWalt drills from their drill line up. Although they’re listed in order of price points, you can rest assured that all DeWalt’s products are high-quality and long-lasting.

Their price ranges have nothing to do with quality, but rather the number of features and the intended uses.

When you buy DeWalt, you’re making an investment you can be proud of. All of DeWalt’s drills come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. They stand behind their products and offer exceptional customer service.

There is nothing but good things to say about these drills and DeWalt, including the eight best drills above.

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