7 Best Drill Bits for Glass of 2020

Glass can prove one of the more difficult areas of any construction project. It’s combines strength, hardness and a variety of quirks into one substance. However, the best drill bits for glass can turn a difficult project into an easy one.

In the following list we’ll compare the best drill bits in 2020. We’ll consider price, prospects for long term use and overall community opinion. We’ll also look at the best features of each bit and possible downsides.

NameProductBest drill bit for glass becausePrice
Dr. Meter’s Diamond Drill BitBest Drill Bits for Glass Dr. Meter’s Diamond Drill BitHigher anti-slip assistanceCheck Price
JOINER Diamond Glass Drill BitBest Drill Bits for Glass Rtree Diamond Glass Drill BitMaximizing speedCheck Price
BQLZR 4mm Diamond Coated Drill BitBest Drill Bits for Glass BQLZR 4mm Diamond Coated Drill BitSurprisingly low priceCheck Price

7. Eaninno Installer Twist Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Glass Eaninno Installer Twist Drill Bit

The Eaninno installer twist drill bit uses tungsten carbide construction. This gives it enhanced ability to deal with glass without shattering or chipping surfaces. It’s also intended for use with a variety of other easily cracked surfaces such as tiles.

It’s a versatile drill bit which can handle a variety of different tasks.
While it’s intended for fragile surfaces, it can even handle rougher jobs such as tasks related to bricks and masonry.
It’s not very durable in the long term. It’s not at all unusual for it to wear down after continued use.
This would be less of an issue if the price wasn’t comparable to some higher quality options.


Having bits as versatile as these can bring a lot of advantages. Obviously, their main focus is glass. However, because of their strength, you can also use them to drill other holes in case you don’t have any other bits lying around.

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6. Concord Blades 2-1/2 Inch Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Glass Concord Blades 2-1/2 Inch Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bit

The Concord Blades drill bit offers powerful diamond based construction. This minimizes splintering and debris during the drilling process. It also shows a large and sturdy overall design which provides extra resistance to the environment.

Any diamond core bit automatically enhances ability to deal with glass.
It’s a big step up from the earlier carbide based designs.
With harder substances like concrete it might begin to sustain damage or general wear.


It ranks among the best drill bits for glass and it performs well there. However, it’s marketed for a far greater range of tasks, and it doesn’t necessarily perform well for those. But as long as you keep it for working on glass, you’ll have no trouble.

5. Driak Cross Head Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Glass Driak Cross Head Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit

The Driak cross head tungsten carbide drill bit isn’t made with diamond. But it shows that sometimes construction matters as much as material. It uses four cutting edges for extra precision. And the triangular tip is specially made to perform well with glass.

It’s among the best drill bits for glass because it’s designed for that type of material.
It’s heavily focused on glasswork and this even gives it an edge over diamond based options.
The price certainly comes in under diamond based options.
It requires a fairly low speed for use. It’s still perfectly feasible for larger projects. But some people might feel slowed down by it.


The construction of these bits is a marvel of engineering. They provide similar strength to diamond drill bits, and they’re seamless when used to work on glass.

4. Afunta Tungsten Carbide Tip Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Glass Afunta Tungsten Carbide Tip Drill Bit

The Afunta tungsten carbide tip drill bit is another example of quality over material. It ranks up with the diamond constructed tips despite using tungsten carbide. The main difference which ranks it among the best drill bits for glass is thanks to a special U-type tip design.

The carbide construction keeps overall cost low.
The special U-type tip design ensures high performance.
A similar performance boost comes from the overall spear design as well.
It can’t be used as a dry cut bit. If one uses it with harder materials, including glass, it requires lubrication with water.


Quality comes first with these drill bits. Although they require quite a lot of lubrication, they more than make up for it with their design, performance, and low cost.

3. BQLZR 4mm Diamond Coated Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Glass BQLZR 4mm Diamond Coated Drill Bit

The BQLZR diamond coated drill bit sits in a middle ground between construction types. It uses just enough diamond to increase overall cutting ability. And this makes it perfect for glass. However, it also keeps overall costs down when compared to other diamond centered solutions.

The price is surprisingly low for something which makes use of diamond.
It’s less expensive than some of the carbide bits.
At the same time it manages to provide the natural strength of diamonds.
To begin, the tip needs to be kept wet. Forgoing that necessity can lead to overall deterioration and grinding at a surprisingly rapid pace.
Still, it ranks among the best drill bits for glass due to the fact that losing one isn’t a huge financial burden.


Coming in at a low price and high performance, these drill bits are massively durable. The strength they provide is quite amazing.

2. JOINER Diamond Glass Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Glass Rtree Diamond Glass Drill Bit

These larger diamond based bits are designed to maximize speed. To begin with, they’re designed to reduce overall slippage. It provides an enhanced level of stability when dealing with difficult surfaces such as glass.

This is one of the least expensive high quality diamond coated bits.
It’s also focused on high performance and durability.
Simply splashing it with water every few minutes is usually enough to keep it running wet.
The higher price might keep some people away. It does cost a little more than other options.


Although it costs a bit more than the competition, you will be pleased with the speed it offers compared to even more expensive models. The fact that it reduces slippage and offers so much precision is truly powerful.

1. Dr. Meter’s Diamond Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Glass Dr. Meter’s Diamond Drill Bit

This bit uses an innovative design that incorporates diamond sand. This also helps to provide a higher level of anti-slip assistance. It’s even designed to help newcomers with normally trick angles. Finally, three drain holes and two chip removal gaps ensure it works well with normally debris heavy surfaces.

It provides high level performance in almost every important metric.
Its overall speed has the ability to remove debris at an appropriate rate.
It even helps people get the perfect angle.
It’s heavily focused enough on glass that one might find it less versatile with other tasks.
The only other downside comes from the price sitting at a point slightly higher than the least expensive offerings.


These bits offer as much performance as one could ask for. They might not necessarily be good for many surfaces, but for glass they are definitely on top of everything else.


The final ranking for best drill bits for glass goes to Dr. Meter’s Diamond Drill Bit. However, there’s more to a tool than simply owning it. And the metrics are far from absolute. As such, there’s a lot one might gain from talking about personal experiences.

Sharing real world usage of any of these options can prove very helpful to others. And it might even help one come up with new ideas for using the bits in different ways.

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