Best Drill for Mixing Mortar in 2021 – 9 Best Picks and How to Choose

If you are a contractor or a DIYer, you must appreciate the power of a good mixing drill. This is because mixing materials such as mud and mortar is a rigorous process, and a good mixer would help you achieve the desired consistency with ease.

We understand the importance of having a reliable drill mixer, and that is why we shall help you find the best drill for mixing mortar. In this way, you can keep up with the project’s demands ahead of you and make things easier for you.

In this article, you shall find a sample of drills/mixers, which we consider to be the best in the market. Further, we will also point out the factors to look at when shopping for the ideal product. These factors include:

  • Power
  • Variable speed control
  • Weight
  • Ergonomics

Let’s start by checking out the products.

Top Drills for Mixing Mortar: Comparison Guide

You may end spending a lot of time searching for the ideal mixer that meets all your preferences. We shall help you overcome this problem by providing you with some units we believe are up to the task. In the end, you should have saved a lot of time and energy.

Here they are.

1. DeWalt DW130V Electric Drill

DeWalt is one of the leading brands in the world of power tools. So, any time you see the signature black and yellow colors, you can have peace of mind since you are dealing with a high-quality product that is up to the task.

At this point, we shall introduce you to the DW130V, which besides having incredible features, it is one of the most affordable units you will find in the market.

Product Description

The first thing to look at is the variable speed control via the reversing toggle. This allows for the spinning of the drill in a counterclockwise direction should the need ever arise.

Additionally, the speed ranges from 0-550 RPM, which provides the required torque for mixing mortar effectively.

Let’s also touch on the 120V motor, which provides sufficient power needed for any mixing task that you throw at it.

Other Features and Benefits

The other notable feature is the ergonomic handle, which is designed with your comfort in mind. The soft-grip handle minimizes hand fatigue and even ensures that you do not feel the unit’s bulkiness.

You also get two additional handles to give the full control over the drill during operation. We cannot leave out the sturdy construction that ensures this unit stays intact for the longest time possible.

Lastly, the product comes with a 3-year warranty, a one-year service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Variable speed control
  • Built to last
  • Excellent customer support


  • Too loud

2. Makita DS4012

If you are looking for a mixing drill that would serve you for the longest time possible, Makita DS4012 would be a good pick. This is according to the average rating that we picked from numerous retail websites, which stands at 4.8 over 5.

Check out what we wrote about the product and see whether it is worth investing in.

Product Description

With the 8.5 Amp motor and variable speed control, you can expect enhanced drilling and mixing performance from this unit. Even better is the voltage of about 110V, which implies that you get all the power for the job.

Then, the speed ranges from 0 to 600 RPMs, making it suited for mixing different materials. Besides that, there is a speed trigger that you can use for drilling in the counterclockwise direction.

And if you intend to work for extended durations, you will appreciate how lightweight this unit is. At only 6lbs, this is a drill that would not easily wear you out.

Other Features and Benefits

The other aspect worth discussing is the spade handle, which enables the drill to rotate a full 360-degree with 24 detent stops. The significance of this feature is that it allows you to settle in the best position for operation.

Lastly, this product comes with a one-year warranty that makes you eligible for replacement within one year of purchasing the unit.


  • Solid construction
  • Lightweight
  • Offers variable speed control


  • Fragile handle

3. Bosch GBM9-16 Mixer

This is another excellent option that you ought to look at. It comes from Bosch, which is another leader in the production of high-quality power tools. It lies in the same category as Dewalt and Makita in terms of reliability.

We did extensive research on the product to make it easier for you to decide whether it is worth your money.

Product Description

The feature that gives this unit an edge over other competitors is the wider keyed chuck. This feature’s importance is that the drill can accept more drill bits than a standard drill would.

Then, the 9 Amp motor is powerful and enhances the unit’s capability of mixing different materials such as cement plaster, mortar, and drywall mud.

We liked the handle that allows you to rotate the drill at 360-degrees, and you can easily find the perfect position to operate the machine. Additionally, you get an extended side handle that gives you more control over the unit.

Other Features and Benefits

We cannot forget the variable speed control that starts from 0 to 700 RPM. The variation means you can set the speed depending on the task at hand. The slower RPM ensures that there are no splatters to mess up your work while the higher levels enable you to speed up your work.

Lastly, the product has a one-year warranty to give you peace of mind. If you find any issues within this period, you can get a free replacement from the manufacturer.


  • Has variable speed control
  • Extended side handle for control
  • Wider keyed chuck


  • Non-locking handle

4. DeWalt DCD130T1 Mixer/Drill

As you would expect from any DeWalt product, there are a lot of positives that we could draw from this unit. For instance, this is a versatile unit whereby besides mixing different materials, it is powerful enough to handle the most challenging drilling applications that you throw at it.

If you want to know more about this item, check out our analysis below.

Product Description

This unit offers double the power of the DeWalt corded mixer. As a result, it can mix mortar, thinnest, and fiber reinforced concrete with maximum ease.

Next up is the anti-rotation e-clutch system that can detect the tool’s motion. So, if the technology senses the unit’s movement, it will shut down if needed.

We already mentioned the power of this unit. What we did not say is that this could be attributed to the brushless motor that enhances its capability for challenging applications.

Other Features and Benefits

Let’s also touch on the 3-position side handle that boosts your control over this mixer. Besides that, there is a variable speed trigger to enhance your chances of attaining accurate results.

We liked the red indicator LED that lights up to alert you when the e-clutch system is engaged.


  • Variable speed control
  • Versatile
  • e-clutch system for control


  • Too heavy

5. Rigid R7122 Spade Handle Mixer

Just as the name suggests, this is a solid unit designed to be high-performing and durable. It is relatively lightweight, which means that it will not tire out your arms even when used for extended durations.

Let’s see what else you can get from this product.

Product Description

One of the reasons why this drill is so effective when it comes to drilling or mixing is the powerful 9 Amp motor that ensures it delivers maximum performance.

Besides that, the unit features hardened steel gears that provide the strength needed for high-torque applications.

The next important factor to talk about is the variable speed that ranges between 0-500 RPM. Further, the 2-finger variable speed trigger gives you an easy time making adjustments as you use the drill for different applications.

Other Features and Benefits

An outstanding feature of this unit is the switch that allows for forward and reverse direction movement, and it will come in handy during drilling or backing out jammed bits.

We believe you will appreciate the rotating rear spade D-handle that allows you to settle for a more convenient position for operating the drill. Additionally, the microtextured Hex grip handle is comfortable and secure in your hands so that the machine does not fall out of your hands during use.

There is also the lock-on button that you would find useful for the unit’s continuous operation, whether it is drilling or mixing.

Lastly, the 8ft cord is long enough to allow for more mobility around the workshop.


  • Well-built
  • Has a variable speed trigger
  • Long power cord


  • No warranty

6. VonHaus Heavy-Duty Mixer/Drill

VonHaus gives us a versatile unit that doubles up as a mixer and a drill. The product is designed such that it is both powerful and effective to ensure that you get the results you were hoping for as effortlessly as possible.

If you are wondering what this item is all about, check out the comprehensive review that we have done on it.

Product Description

This is a high-performance unit courtesy of the 10 Amp motor that makes it effective when performing different tasks such as mixing different elements or drilling into sturdy materials.

With the no-load speed of 0-700 RPM, this machine has sufficient power to handle whatever application you subject it to. Even better is the ½” chuck that accepts wide bits and other accessories to enhance its performance.

You are likely to find mixing different substances with this tool to be very easy due to the variable speed rotary dial. Setting it at the right speed will enable you to eliminate bubbles, which often complicate the mixing process.

Other Features and Benefits

The next thing to talk about is the ergonomic spade handle that gives you full control over the unit during operation. Besides that, you get the 360-degree rotating handle that offers you the flexibility needed for the job.

Another thing is that anyone would be comfortable handling this tool, whether left or right-handed. There is also the forward/backward control and a lock-on button for continuous operation.


  • Well-built
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use and control


  • Flimsy handles

7. Genesis GSHD1290 Spade Handle Electric Mixer/Drill

Are you looking for an affordable mixer with most of the features and functions needed to get the job done? Well, that is what you get in the GSHD1290 unit, which is impressively packed with features and functions that you may mistake it for a premium model.

Our review below has touched on all the essential aspects of this unit.

Product Description

The first thing to look at is the variable speed of 0-850 RPM, and you have the variable speed dial to enable you to set the appropriate level for the project you are dealing with.

Then, the powerful 9 Amp motor ensures that you get through any task with relative ease. So, whether it is mixing mortar, thinnest, or drilling into wood or metal surfaces, you are likely to have an easy time using this tool.

When it comes to the control, this drill features a spade and side handle to ensure that you operate the tool with maximum ease.

The lock-on button ensures that whichever task you are undertaking goes on uninterrupted.

Other Features and Benefits

Let’s also talk about the ½” chuck that accepts larger bits to make the drill suitable for a wide variety of applications, especially drilling and mixing.

Lastly, the product comes with a 2-year warranty to give you ample time to check whether the tool has any significant defects.


  • Decent pricing
  • Variable speed control
  • Flexible handle


  • Short lifespan

8. Dewalt DCD130B Cordless Drill

If you are a professional looking for a powerful mixing drill, here is an option that you ought to look at. It makes use of 60V batteries to bring impressive power and running time to the table as any serious pro would want.

Before you look the other direction, make a point of reading our review below, whereby we have pointed out this unit’s outstanding features.

Product Description

This unit’s outstanding feature is the anti-rotation e-clutch system that is designed to sense the tool’s motion. Therefore, if the situation calls for it, this system would shut down the drill.

Next up is the brushless motor that enhances the drill’s capability to handle even the toughest applications that you throw at it.

With the power that this drill brings, you will likely find any operation such as mixing mortar, thinnest, or cement to be relatively effortless.

Other Features and Benefits

Many mixers have an issue with control. However, with Dewalt DCD130B, you get a 3-position side handle to help you attain your ideal working posture. The e-clutch system also does an excellent job of giving you full control over this drill.

We cannot leave out the variable speed trigger that is vital in giving you accurate results in your project.

Overall, this is a well-built unit that should serve you for a long time to come.


  • Durable
  • Impressive runtime
  • Side-handle for control


  • Some find it to be too large.

9. Black & Decker BEHD201 Hammer Drill

The last item on our list is a hammer drill from Black & Decker, another household name in the world of power tools. You may think that it is inferior to the rest of the products we have checked out because it is closing down our list.

Contrary to that opinion, this is a fantastic product with many useful features that you can take advantage of. Let’s see what this hammer drill is all about.

Product Description

We shall start with the 6 Amp motor, which gives the unit sufficient power to work with different materials such as concrete, metal, and wood.

Next up is the 2-position switch that allows for the easy conversion between standard and hammer drill functions. This feature enhances the unit’s versatility.

Further, the single sleeved chuck ensures that you have an easy time in tightening the bits while the ½” chuck allows for the accommodation of larger bits. As a result, you can use the tool for a wider scope of applications.

Other Features and Benefits

This machine by Black & Decker can deliver 0-2800 RPM and 0-4800 BPM. This implies that it has sufficient speed and power to handle just about anything that you throw at it.

As for the 3-position side-handle, it gives you the comfort and control needed to operate this tool and get the best out of it.

From all the features we have checked out above, DIYers would much appreciate this unit.


  • Easy to control
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight


  • Only suited for light tasks

Buying Guide to High-Quality Drills for Mixing Mortar

We do not recommend that you entirely rely on the information that the manufacturer is giving you regarding their product, as some may be misleading. Therefore, to be on the right track, there are certain features that you have to focus on to ensure they are not missing.

Let’s see what these features are.

I) Power

The significance of power is that it determines how fast and efficiently the mixing will be done. For the professionals, this is a powerful unit that would help you save time and money since you can accomplish more in a limited period.

If you are a DIYer, a low-power machine would still get the job done, though you have to be prepared for more time waiting for the results.

Some machines also tell you on the label how much of the product it can mix at a go. Having this information would be convenient since it would ensure you encounter minimal disruptions in your job.

II) Variable Speed

Most drill mixers that we came across have variable speeds. This feature’s significance is that it allows you to set to different speed levels depending on the materials you are working on or on the mixing stage you are in.

A slow start would be a useful feature in ensuring that you have a mess-free operation without much splashing or splattering.

III) The Weight

As you search for the best drill for mixing mortar, it would be very advantageous if you landed a lightweight unit. This is because you may find yourself holding the unit for long durations and your hands need to be in good shape for the entire period.

So, a lightweight unit would minimize hand-fatigue and also give you more capability to maneuver as the project demands.

IV) Ergonomics

When talking about the ergonomics, we are simply referring to the ease and comfort of holding this unit. The most crucial part, in this case, is the handle, and it will determine the ease with which you operate the unit.

Some mixers have an adjustable spade handle at the end to enable you to hold the unit in the ideal angle. This handle also ensures that you do not have to hold the drill’s body during use, making you less prone to vibrations and overheating.

You may also get top or side handles to give you more control over the machine. This handle should be removable or collapsible so that it does not take up too much space during storage.

Still, on the handle, check out to ensure that it has a soft grip so that you do not develop blisters and have a comfortable time handling it.

V) Warranty

The warranty period allows you to enjoy the product’s benefits while still having the option of returning it to the manufacturer in case of any defects. The aim is to ensure that you do not make a loss by investing in the item plus also helps maintain the customer-producer relationship.

Common Materials Mixed by a Mixing Drill

Besides mortar, there are other materials that a mixing drill could work with. Let’s check out some of the commonly mixed up and how you can get the process done as effortlessly as possible.

I) Concrete

When it comes to mixing concrete, a paddle with the least surface area would be the best option. This is because such a paddle would work around the rocks in the mixture much more easily.

II) Cement

This material also needs a paddle with a small surface area, but it should be slightly larger than the ones used for cement. Here, we want something that would mix up the mud without the process having too much drag.

III) Epoxy and Resin

The ideal conditions for mixing these two materials is a low mixing speed and while releasing most of the air in the mix. This type of mixing would enable you to get the best results from the entire process.

IV) Drywall Mud

Here, you will be spoilt for options since different paddles would do a good mixing job. However, ensure that it is made of soft material that would minimize scraping along the bucket’s sides.

FAQs on Drills for Mixing Mortar

If you still have any queries on how you can get the perfect mortar mixing drill, check out this section, whereby we have compiled the commonly faced questions. You could be lucky to find your question somewhere on the list.

Q: What are the prerequisites for mixing mortar?

A: For a successful mixing process, some things have to be there. This includes a mixing bucket/container, the mortar itself, a mixing drill, a mixing paddle, a key chuck, and a source of power.

All these would ensure that you undertake the whole process with minimal interruptions.

Q: What should I look out for in a mixing drill?

A: If you want to find the perfect unit, there are certain factors that you ought to look out for. These include the power, variable speed control, the weight, ergonomics, and quality of the construction.

The above are the main factors which if you get right, you will be on the right track towards getting the ideal item for the job.

Q: Which are the leading brands when it comes to high-quality drills for mixing mortar?

A: There are certain brands that are sure up to the task and would be a worthwhile investment if you get. The leading names in the world of power tools include DeWalt, Black & Decker, Bosch, Makita, and Genesis.

Of course, there are other reliable names out there, but the ones we have mentioned above are almost a sure bet that you have acquired a high-performing unit.

Our Top Pick

In the end, the product that we felt stood out from the rest is the DeWalt DW130V Electric Drill. In terms of the physical features, the unit is well-built, has variable speed control, and has ergonomic handles to give you full control over the unit.

Besides that, it is decently priced and comes with a three-year warranty to ensure that you do not end up regretting your investment.

Final Verdict

With that, we hope you have understood what needs to be done to get the ideal drill for mixing mortar. The article contains some of the leading machines in the market that would deliver the results you are looking for.

Additionally, there is a simple buying guide spelling out some of the factors that you should look out for in a mixer so that you end up with something that is up to the task. The only other thing you need is the best of luck as you look for the appropriate unit for the job.

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