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Reviews of the best corded and cordless drills in search of the best drill for the money from the best drill brands like Ryobi, Wen, Greenworks, Hercules, Bauer, or Dewalt.

9 Best Battery Cordless Drills (Reviews and Buying Guide 2020)

9 Best Battery Cordless Drills (Reviews and Buying Guide 2020)A battery-powered cordless drill is an essential tool for any construction worker, contractor, or do-it-yourself expert. Our list of the best battery cordless drills will provide you with some of the top items available. We focus our main battery cordless drill criteria on the item’s overall power, […]

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8 Best Portable Drills (Reviews and Buying Guide 2020)

8 Best Portable Drills (Reviews and Buying Guide 2020)The best portable drills offer you the possibility of working on many different projects on the fly. Anyone starting a project wants to ensure they have the best possible results. And for many projects, portability might be a key factor. And with so many new portable drills always […]

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9 Best Benchtop Drill Presses of 2020

9 Best Benchtop Drill Presses of 2020A high quality drill press is an essential part of many projects. And the advent of benchtop drill presses has brought them into even fairly compact environments. But the newfound abundance of options can make it difficult to find the best benchtop drill press. In the following article we’ll go […]

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Best Drill Impact Driver Combos of 2020

Best Drill Impact Driver Combos of 2020From Makita to Bosch, there are numerous companies that manufacture reliable drill impact driver combos. We have hand-picked some of the best drill impact driver combo tools on the market to help you find the right one. Our drill impact driver combo reviews focus on affordability, power, and ease […]

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Bauer 20V Drill Review 2020

Bauer 20V Drill Review 2020The Bauer 20V Drill is one of the more popular offerings of 2020. But popularity can sometimes prove confusing. There’s so much discussion regarding it that people find it hard to narrow things down to objective facts. This Bauer 20V drill review simplifies things by examining specific metrics. We’ll look at specs, […]

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