9 Best Nail Drills Reviews: Which One is the Best for You?

There are several tools that professionals or home DIYers use for fabulous looking nails. One of the most used and one of the most important tools is the nail drill.

This tool does most of the work when it comes to filing, grinding, shaping, and designing nails, so you need to get one that is sure to last. We researched countless nail drills and found the top nine on the market. Keep reading to find out what our number one pick is for the best nail drill of 2020.

NameProductMax RPMBest forPrice
AirSee Rechargeable Electric Nail DrillAirSee Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill30,000Best Nail Drill For TravelingCheck Price
BabeNail Nail Drill SetBabeNail Nail Drill Set22,000Best Nail Drill For Professional UseCheck Price
AZ GoGo Rechargeable Nail DrillAZ GoGo Rechargeable Nail Drill30,000Best Nail Drill For EveryoneCheck Price

Best Nail Drill Reviews

9. MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill=

Included bits: 6
Max RPM: 20,000
Power type: Electrical outlet
Voltage: 110V-240V

MelodySusie makes quite a few different nail drills. This one is a great, entry-level nail drill that’s great for home use. It’s made from a very durable aluminum alloy that is great at dissipating heat. It’s quiet, compact, portable, and comes with everything you need to get started on a great at-home nail job.

The kit comes with six interchangeable bits as well as six sanding bands. The drill is a variable speed drill and can adjust from zero to 20,000 RPMs. It’s also low vibration so you can drill accurately.

Easy to use.
The power cord is almost five feet long.
Quiet and low vibrations.
Low RPMs – not suitable for professional use.
It can overheat after 20 minutes of use.


Although this drill isn’t meant to be used by professionals, it’s still an extremely great choice for home users. It comes with everything you need to get started, so it’s even greater for a beginner.

8. Belle Professional Vertical Electric Nail Drill

Belle Professional Vertical Electric Nail Drill=

Included bits: 6
Max RPM: 5,000-35,000 RPM
Power type: Electrical outlet
Voltage: 110V-240V

The Belle nail drill is a great, high-quality drill that can be used in a professional setting or at home. The motor of the drill is a brushless technology, so it is quiet and lasts a long time.

With a max RPM of 35,000 paired with the brushless motor, you can drill continuously for a good length of time with no problems. It’s even suitable for removing gel polish. The high RPM also makes this the best nail drill for acrylic nails.

Operating the nail drill is easy. It comes with a power cord that’s almost six feet long attached to a foot pedal. This makes it simple to control the variable speed motor. The whole kit comes in a handy case that protects your drill and keeps everything organized.

Long power cord.
All-metal design for durability.
Good, strong storage case.
If you drop it once, it may not work anymore.
Drill heats up sometimes.


The Belle nail drill is a great tool for professionals and hobbyists alike. It’s suitable for removing gel polish and we recommended for acrylic nails as well.

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7. MelodySusie Scarlet Professional Nail Drill

MelodySusie Scarlet Professional Nail Drill=

Included bits: 6
Max RPM: 30,000 RPM
Power type: Electrical outlet
Voltage: 110V-240V

This model of MelodySusie’s nail drill set is suited for professional use. With a decent RPM rate of 30,000, you can drill, grind, cut, and more. It’s excellent on acrylic nails and gel polish. One of the most impressive features is that you can switch between two different modes to control the variable speed.

You can choose the “hand” mode, which means using the dial on the front of the base. You could select the “foot” mode and use the included foot pedal. Both options work well, so it’s just a matter of personal preference.

The base has a built-in bit holder for easy access.
Hand or foot mode makes it very versatile.
The lock system keeps bits in place.
Not as quiet as others.
The handpiece can get uncomfortably hot sometimes.


The MelodySusie Scarlet has outstanding heat dissipation due to its ventilation holes. It also doesn’t vibrate, making it much easier for beginners to use. One of its features offers some much-needed versatility: you can control the variable speed either with your hand or foot.

6. Makartt Nail Drill Machine

Makartt Nail Drill Machine=

Included bits: 4
Max RPM: 30,000 RPM
Power type: Electrical outlet
Voltage: 100V-110V

The Makartt nail drill is a hardworking piece of equipment that will have your nails or your client’s nails looking great. It can remove acrylic and gel polish with ease. It comes with everything you need including four of the most common bits. One of the best features is that it has a sliding speed control button that makes it very easy to select the speed that you want.

If you prefer, you can operate the speed with a foot pedal. Another impressive point is that it comes with 32 sanding bands. Most kits come with only six to 12 sanding bands. Although the visual design of the base isn’t the best, it is simple and easy to operate.

It comes with access to a tutorial video.
The drill comes with 32 sanding bands.
Has a .02mm coaxality.
The base is so lightweight that it’s easy to knock it over.
It has an old, cheap look to it – not stylish.


The Makartt nail drill machine is extremely friendly to beginners because it arrives with a tutorial video in the package. The sliding speed control button makes selecting the speed seamless. The fact that it comes with 32 sanding bands instead of the regular 12 is also impressive.

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5. AirSee Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill

AirSee Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill=

Included bits: 6
Max RPM: 30,000 RPM
Power type: Battery or Electrical outlet
Voltage: 110V

The AirSee nail drill is a cool, modern piece of equipment with a lot of hi-tech features for a nail drill. For one, it has a bright LCD that shows you precisely what RPM you’re using. It also shows how much battery power you have left. The drill is small and portable so you can use it anywhere.

It comes with a battery pack that only takes two hours to charge but then lasts for up to ten hours. You can also leave it plugged up for unlimited usage. To top it all off, the quality of this drill is genuinely worthy of professional use. It’s truly the best professional nail drill.

High-quality construction and materials.
The drill has a long-lasting battery.
It has an LCD with relevant information.
The cord from the drill to the battery pack is a bit short.
Small turn dial could be annoying to use for controlling the speed.


The AirSee comes with an impressive set of features. It has an LCD that tells you relevant information – like battery and speed – and it has a battery that lasts for 10 hours. The best part: you can recharge the entire battery in just 2 hours.

4. Beurer 24-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit

Beurer 24-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit=

Included bits: 10
Max RPM: 5,600 RPM
Power type: Electrical outlet
Voltage: 110V – 120V

This Beurer kit is one of the best nail drill kits as far as contents are concerned. It’s a 24-piece kit that includes ten attachment tools. That’s the second-most of any kit on the list. It also comes with a dust shield to keep as much dust off your fingers or your client’s fingers as possible. To make it even better, it comes with 10 sanding bits and a thick, high-quality carrying case that keeps everything organized.

The drill has 18 different speeds to choose from and has an RPM of 2,000 – 5,600. While this is okay for home use, this low RPM is what keeps the Beurer from coming in at the number one spot. If you’re okay with a low RPM and have no plans to deal with acrylic nails, this is the best nail drill machine for home use.

It has an extended three-year warranty.
Includes a dust shield for clean usage.
Bright LED light allows you to focus more.
Its RPM range is very low.
Not suitable for acrylic or gel polish.


This one may not be battery-powered, but its cord is 10 feet long. Its dust shield is very efficient and easy to clean. As long as you don’t use it on gel polish or acrylic nails, the Beurer kit is great for home use. The RPM range is the only thing stopping it from being higher on our list.

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3. BabeNail Nail Drill Set

BabeNail Nail Drill Set=

Included bits: 11
Max RPM: 22,000 RPM
Power type: Electrical outlet
Voltage: 110V – 120V

The BabeNail drill set is another comprehensive set that has more than everything you need. It also has a much higher RPM than Beurer kit so it’s suitable for professional use. The rose gold colored drill is easy to handle. It has an ergonomic shape that won’t fatigue your hands if you’re working on back-to-back clients. It even comes with 11 bits and 26 sanding bits.

It’s a complete kit that will have you ready to tackle any nail job. One stand out feature of this drill is that the company offers a lifetime warranty for any defects. It’s great to have this guarantee backing your purchase, but the drill is such a phenomenal quality, chances are you won’t need it any time soon. It’s one of the best electric nail drills on the market.

Lifetime warranty.
Bits have stainless steel shanks.
Plenty of sanding bits to start.
Short power cord.
Vibrates enough to become annoying.


At this pricepoint, when you take into consideration the kit’s features, it can be considered dirt-cheap. The only thing holding it down from becoming number 1 is its short power cord. Other than that, you’ll be very happy using the BabeNail Drill Set.

2. EC Basket Electric Nail Drill

EC Basket Electric Nail Drill=

Included bits: 6
Max RPM: 30,000 RPM
Power type: Electrical outlet
Voltage: 110V – 120V

The EC Basket electric nail drill is a great, simple kit that produces great results. It might not have as many pieces as some of the others in the list, but it makes up for it in quality. The build of the EC Basket is very similar to the MelodySusie Scarlet nail drill, but it’s a sturdier, higher quality machine.

It features the middle compartment to hold the nail drill as well as a spot for all six of the included bits, so you’ll have easy access to them. You also have the option of controlling the speed with the hand dial on the front or a foot pedal. This nail drill is compact, quiet, works well, and is built well. There isn’t anything bad to say about the machine. It’s everything you need as a nail tech professional.

It’s a sturdy, well-built machine.
Locking bit system holds bits into place.
Has a sleek, modern, professional appearance.
Can be a bit noisy.


Overall there isn’t anything bad to say about this machine. Yes, it can be considered a bit noisy, but not as much compared to other models. Other than that, it’s great for professionals.

1. AZ GoGo Rechargeable Nail Drill

AZ GoGo Rechargeable Nail Drill=

Included bits: 6
Max RPM: 30,000 RPM
Power type: Battery or Electrical outlet
Voltage: 110V/240V

We’ve reached the number one best nail drill on the list. The AZ GoGo nail drill has an outstanding amount of positive feedback. It’s well deserved since the drill works like a champ. It has a powerful 2.6-amp motor (which is strong for a nail drill), so it can power through acrylic and gel polish easily. You have the option of running it strictly from the battery pack or outlet power.

The battery only takes 2.5 hours to charge completely and provides up to 480 minutes (eight hours) of run time. The battery pack also has a green light indicator system that lets you know how much battery life you have left. It has markings for 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. It also comes in a nice powder pink color, which is perfect for a nail salon.

Has the best feedback on the market.
CE certified high-speed bearings.
Very compact – the battery pack is smaller than an iPhone.
Can be a little noisy.
Belt hook isn’t reliable.


The AZ GoGo nail drill got our number one spot because of its remarkable user feedback. Its 2.6 amp powerful motor is outstanding for a nail drill. The battery pack lasts 8 hours on a 2h30min charge. We would recommend this nail drill to anyone – professionals, beginners, and everyone in between.

Frequently asked questions

Can nail drills damage your nails?

Only if handled carelessly. You should avoid over-filing your nails and using high speeds, especially if you are a beginner.

What nail should I use if I do my own manicure and travel a lot?

You should definitely stick with a nail drill that’s both portable and that can be powered by a battery. From out list, you can choose either the AirSee mode or the AZ GoGo nail drill. Either one will do a fine job.

How long should the cord be for nail drills without batteries?

This depends on the spot you choose to drill your nails. If you’re inches away from an electric outlet, any cord is fine. But if you need room, it’s best to get a cord that’s at least 5 feet long.


No matter which nail drill you choose from the list, you’ll be getting a great product. They’re all such high quality that you’ll be sure to get the best nail drill for your needs.

Some are more suited for home use rather than professional use, so if you’re a professional nail tech, make sure you pay attention to the suggestions of whether it’s suitable for professionals.

There is something for everyone on the list, so use it as a guide. You’ll be amazed by the results

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