Center Drill Bits

If you are wondering what a center drill bit is, then you are in the right place and this is just the article for you.

Center Drill Bit Explanation

A center drill bit is an extremely important tool for any woodworker. A center drill bit has two sharp edges that are used to make holes in wood at the center point of the material.

The straight shank on a center drill bit can be used to bore a hole in wood or other materials by turning it with a cordless hand drill or a standard electric drill.

The bits generally have tapered edges that allow the holes to be started at one end and gradually worked through the material to the other side.

When purchasing center drill bits, you can choose from several different kinds of materials that vary in durability and price.

Uses of Center Drill Bits

Center drill bits are used to create a hole in the center of a workpiece. These bits are designed to accurately drill a hole in the middle of a workpiece.

Center drill bits are used for drilling holes in wood and soft metals like aluminum.

Now that you know what a center drill bit is, why don’t we get into what it can be used for? Here are some of its uses.

A-Type Center Drill Bit

This is typically an L-shaped tool composed of high-quality steel. One end features a small, very sharp drill bit for drilling holes in the middle of material, while the other end features an additional point for creating starter holes for screws and nails.

Center drills can also be used to create starter holes for plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, and many other applications requiring precise alignment.

B-Type Center Drill Bit

This is a center drill bit that is used to bore holes in materials with high hardness. It can be used for glass and ceramics, mineral, and stone materials.

The b-type center drill bits are designed for machines with speed of 400 to 3000 RPM. They are made of high-speed steel, which is made to cut through glass and ceramic materials.

Center Drill Bit set

Compound Center Drill Bit

These bits are used to make accurate holes in wood, plastic, and other materials.The shank of the tool is mounted into a chuck on a drill or screwdriver, while the bit protrudes from the end of the handle and can be used to bore a hole in a workpiece.

The compound center drill bit is designed to create holes that are perfectly centered in the workpiece with each revolution of the drill.

This helps to keep holes precisely formed and reduce the amount of time spent making adjustments or reworking pieces that have been damaged or marred during drilling.

Spade Bits

Spade bits get their name from the flat spade-shaped cutting edge at one end of the bit. Spade bits can be used to drill large diameter holes in wood and metal.

They come in three different sizes: small (1/8″), medium (1/4″), and large (3/8″).

Edge Drills

Edge drills are specifically designed to cut cleanly through the edges of round or square tubing with little or no deflection.

Unlike twist drills, an edge drill is not meant to penetrate into the material but rather remove waste material by pushing it out of the way.

As such, edge drills have only one cutting edge and are not meant for drilling through thick materials.

Taper Pins

Center Taper Pins are used to hold parts together by passing through both parts. They are tapered in order to allow easy insertion into one side of the piece with a small amount of pressure.

Then they are inserted on the opposite side and held with a cotter pin or bolt. This allows two pieces of material to fit together tightly and securely without weakening either piece of material.

Flat-Bottom Bits

Flat-bottom bits have three flutes on the shaft of the drill bit that allow material to clear away from the hole quickly and easily.

This type of bit is used in woodworking and construction applications where holes need to be drilled into wood beams for bolts and screws.


A center drill bit is a tool used to make a perfectly centered hole in a material, such as metal. This tool is typically used when making holes for screws, bolts or fasteners.

When it comes to selecting the right center drill bit, it is important to select the right size and type of material that you are planning to drill into.