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Mission Statement

Our mission at DrillingAdvisor.org is to help you gain as much information about drills, drill bits, and accessories as possible. We provide helpful guides that showcase our favorite hardware tools and teach you how to use them. 

Who We Are 

We’re the DrillingAdvisor.org team – three guys from New York and Pennsylvania that started with just a woodworking shop in Alfie’s garage. What began as a mutually-enjoyed hobby slowly turned into our passion project. Our time in the garage gave us hands-on experience with a variety of tools and accessories that we began using on the regular. 

Amidst the chaos of our workshop, we quickly realized we could share our knowledge with the hardware community and those looking for more information about specific equipment. And thus DrillingAdvisor was born. 

As days went by we continued incorporating more materials into our creation; with time and experience, we noticed that you don’t have to spend a fortune on these tools to get some reliable ones. Our goal is to help provide the guidance we wish we had when we began experimenting with various instruments. 

By testing out different brands and styles of drills, we provide you with an extensive list of the best tools on the market, along with buying tips and comparison guides. DrillingAdvisor.org also helps you put the tools to action through our beginner-friendly instructional articles. 

Why Trust Us?

We are pleased to announce we are an BBB accredited business on the Better Business Bureau. Take the time to give feedback on your experience on our site. We want to hear your suggestions and comments on how we should improve. Our readers are number one and customer feedback is important to us. 

Drillingadvisor.org BBB Business Review

Meet our Editor

Randall Hudson

randall_hudson writer for drillingadvisor

Randall Hudson is a technical writer specializing in hardware-related tools, accessories, and industry developments. With over 10 years of hardware experience, Hudson brings his real-world expertise to center stage in every article he writes. Hudson’s hobbies include spending time in his workshop and trying out new pieces of equipment.