About Us

Hello Reader,

We’re the DrillingAdvisor.org team – three guys from New York and Pennsylvania that started with just a woodworking shop in Alfie’s garage. As days went by we continued incorporating more materials into our creation, even though our investment at the beginning was minimal. With time and experience, we noticed that you don’t have to spend a fortune on these tools to get some reliable ones.

We have tried several brands and styles of drills from budget options to some high-end models and saw noticeable differences in performance and usability, but these were not always directly related to the price we paid for those products. We found this a bit counter-intuitive and decided to create this website to offer you the guidance we did not have at the beginning.

Therefore, we decided to create the DrillingAdvisor.org website and gather all our favorite drills, drill bits, and accessories. We will also include some helpful guides on how to drill holes in materials like glass, wood, concrete, ceramics, and so on.