Terms of Use

The Drilling.Advisor.org terms of use let you know what to keep in mind when using our website and interacting with its users. By continuing to use the DrillingAdvisor.org website, you agree to follow and become bond by these terms of use. This means you will face the consequences mentioned here or others imposed by active laws if you overstep these regulations.

IMPORTANT: If you do not agree to some or all the rules mentioned here, please leave this website as violating them can lead to a temporary or permanent ban, and/or to us contacting the proper authorities!

How to Use Our Website

You may and should use our website as follows:

  • Download, read, and review the content of the DrillingAdvisor.org website as long as it’s for personal use only.
  • Download, review, copy, and use the content on DrillingAdvisor.org for educational purposes, but only after having our expressed and written consent!
  • List the DrillingAdvisor.org website as a reference with the specific link you found the information on.
  • Engage in constructive and respectful discussions via the comment sections as long as you don’t overstep others’ rights or these terms of use.

How Not to Use Our Website

Please refrain from the following actions and behaviors while using the DrillingAdvisor.org website and interacting with its content and users:

  • Violate any of these terms or any other active local, national, and international laws.
  • Use our website to infringe the rights of other entities such as our contributors, users, visitors, or affiliated parties.
  • Harass, threaten, or intimidate our users, impersonate another individual, misrepresent a personal or professional relationship with another individual or entity, or attempt to mislead the DrillingAdvisor.com team or users in any way.
  • Submit or propagate content that is aimed to bring financial, political, or any other type of gain for you or a third party – this includes propaganda, solicitation, and the like.
  • Reproduce, duplicate, repost, or exploit our content for non-personal purposes.
  • Post content that is unrelated to our website and niche or repost content from other websites.
  • Interfere with or attempt to interfere with how our website works and ranks or attempt to impose an unreasonable amount of data on our systems. This includes attempting to gain access to our systems, tools, and resources.
  • Use our website to transmit or propagate Trojans, spiders, worms, cancelbots, time bombs, or other malicious tools that interfere with the good functioning of the DrillingAdvisor.org website and/or that can harm the online and offline safety of our team members, contributors, visitors, and users.
  • Use automated tools to download, monitor, crawl, exploit, or propagate any of the content found on the DrillingAdvisor.org website. Therefore, you are prohibited from scraping our website, using robots, crawlers, spiders, and any other process that does not follow the natural and intended browsing patterns and user experience.
  • Scan and test our website for security flaws.

User Interactions & Comments

When interacting with other users, contributors, or the DrillingAdvisor.org team members, you should keep in mind the following:

All users and visitors can post comments that follow the rules and regulations mentioned in this section. In fact, our team encourages constructive observations and discussions!

Before posting a comment, look over the already submitted ones to make sure the topics or questions on your mind haven’t already been addressed.

When submitting a comment, please be respectful towards other users, our contributors, and team members. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate content. This includes racist, explicit, sexist language or otherwise illegal materials.

Therefore, any user who goes against these terms will receive a permanent ban. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation, we might also notify the proper authorities.

Third Party Links & Ads

The content found on the DrillingAdvisor.org website contains ads and links to third-party resources that should improve your browsing experience and make our content more informative. Although we pay attention to the resources we provide not only to be reliable, but also have reasonable terms of use and privacy policies, keep in mind we do not manage them. These websites have their own terms of use and privacy policies.