7 Best Drill Holsters of 2023 – Latest Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The main reason why power tools were invented was to make our work and handy work around our homes to be easier. An excellent example of such a tool is a drill which is designed to help you make precise holes in different materials, including metal and wood.

Even though a drill is a handy tool, it can be bulky and, therefore, strenuous to carry from one point to another. Even with that problem, you still need it close to you at all times until the job is done.

If you want to beat this problem, you have to invest in the best drill holster available. This would allow you to move from one place to the next conveniently with the tool securely attached to your waist.

Here’s our advice on how to find the right holster for the job.

Top Drill Holsters: Comparison Guide

If you lack time to conduct wholesome research on drill holsters, you are likely to find this section to be very helpful. We have taken our time to analyze a sample of units that we believe are the best available.

Check them out, and we hope you find something that you like on the list.

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Best Drill Holsters Buyer’s Guide

1. Dewalt DG5120 Drill Holster

Specification List:
Material: Ballistic poly material
One Size
Style: ‎‎Flat
Special Features:
     – Safety strap with quick-release buckle
     – Hook-and-loop backing
     – Angled holster for better drill balance

Dewalt DG5120 Drill Holster ballistic polyIn the world of power tools, Dewalt is a name that tells you there is nothing to worry about. This is because, over the years, the brand has produced high-quality products that never seem to disappoint.

If you are wondering whether the DG5120 drill holster meets the same standards, check out the brief review that we have done below on the unit.

Product Description

The first thing to talk about is its construction. This is a heavy-duty item made from a ballistic poly material which ensures that it has a decent useful life.

Next up is the quick-release buckle that ensures you have easy access to the drill whenever necessary. Further, there is a safety strap to hold the drill in place while in the holster.

Another thing we liked is the multiple pockets coupled with sleeves to help you in keeping your tools organized.

Other Features and Benefits

let’s also talk about the angled design of the holster that ensures you do not lose your tools anytime you take a low position during your projects.

Most of all, this product is lightweight, and this makes it easy to carry around.

Buyer's Feedback Section

Overall Rating –  4.7 of 5 Stars 

Positive Reviews by Users
  • Rugged, durable design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has multiple pockets for holding the bits
Negative Reviews by Users
  • The drill has to be fully strapped to remain in place.

Buyers are pleased with this high-quality drill holster.  It is lightweight, but still incredibly sturdy for holding various drill sizes. “Received this & now can’t live without it.”

2. CLC Custom 5023 Deluxe Poly Drill Holster

Specification List:
Material: ‎Polyester
Size: 1-(Pack)
Special Features:
     – Multiple pockets and sleeves
     – Safety strap with quick-release buckle
     – Includes Hook-and-loop backing

CLC Custom 5023 Deluxe Polyester Drill HolsterCLC is another name that should be enough to calm your nerves since the brand is often associated with quality products that always deliver what is expected of them.

Let’s see what this item is all about.

Product Description

With the ballistic polyester fabric construction, you can expect a decent period of service from this holster. The only thing is that your maintenance practice of the unit has to be of the highest standards.

Then, the unit has five-bit pockets to allow for storing your bits appropriately for easy identification. Additionally, the outer sleeve pockets are easy to access, unlike the first item on our list, and they are handy for any tools needed in your job.

We liked the safety strap which does an excellent job of holding your tools in place.

Other Features and Benefits

The hook-and-loop feature is crucial in ensuring that this holster remains securely connected to your tool belt.

Also worth mentioning is the angled design to give you the balance needed for the job.

Buyer's Feedback Section

Overall Rating –  4.6 of 5 Stars 

Positive Reviews by Users
  • Well-made, sturdy design
  • Angled design for balance
  • Pockets for holding the tools
Negative Reviews by Users
  • Complicated pocket orientation

The only regret most reviewers have with this one is that they didn’t buy it sooner!  “I cannot tell you how much I love this thing.”  The additional pockets amp up the usability of this option.

3. Gunnie Cordless Drill Holster

Specification List:
Material: ‎Miracle Polymer
Size: 2 Pack
Closure Type: ‎‎Hook
Special Features:
     – Includes 2 Gunnie Cordless Drill Holsters/Hooks
     – Adjustable tension J hook
     – Right or Left-hand Holster

2 pack Gunnie Cordless Drill HolsterIf you are looking for a versatile holster, here is a viable option to look at. Besides the drill, you could also use it to store other tools and the battery too.

Our review shall help you decide whether this product ticks all the boxes in what you are looking for.

Product Description

The main reason why this unit is versatile is due to its adjustability, which is made possible by the Tension J hook. Therefore, besides drills, the holster could also house nail guns, screw guns and recipe saws.

Another important aspect of this tool to talk about is the thermoplastic construction which is crucial for its durability.

Mounting the unit should be a walk in the park as it comes with the necessary kits to facilitate the process.

Other Features and Benefits

One thing we liked is that this unit works with different types of tools, whether it is left or right-handed.

And if you are a patriotic individual, you should be glad to know that this product is designed and made in the USA.

Buyer's Feedback Section

Overall Rating –  4.5 of 5 Stars 

Positive Reviews by Users
  • Durable thermoplastic construction
  • Adjustable to house different tools
  • Made in the USA
Negative Reviews by Users
  • Only works for larger drills

Buyers are happy with this affordable option for larger drills.  The design is straightforward, but it is sturdy and easy to work with – “Seriously, buy this.”

4. Sincerities Fast Draw Drill Holster

Specification List:
Material: ‎1680D
Style: ‎‎Upgraded version
Special Features:
     – Includes drill holster
     – large pocket for T-Drills
     – 4 elastic pockets

Sincerities Fast Draw Drill Holster upgradedThis is a drill pouch that is designed to hold most of the T-handle drills available in the market. It is a well-made unit that is made to serve you for the longest time possible.

Here is a brief review of the item.

Product Description

As we mentioned earlier, this is a product that is designed to be durable. This is due to the high-quality materials used in the construction, including 1680D ballistic canvas and a rigid PE board. Further, the holster is double-stitched to enhance its durability more.

The next notable feature is that this is a very spacious pouch, meaning that it can house more tools. The large pocket is handy for holding a cordless T-drill while the nine small pockets could hold other smaller tools such as nails and screws.

Let’s not leave out the two open loops for hanging pliers and screwdrivers while the tape measure holder is, as you guessed, for hanging the tape measure.

We liked the five elastic pockets that give you quick access to the bits.

Other Features and Benefits

With this holster securely attached to your waist, you do not have to bend any time you need your tools. This saves you from nagging back pains that plague most handymen.

Further, the secure fastening to your belt allows for hands-free operation as you take part in various tasks.

Lastly, the product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Buyer's Feedback Section

Overall Rating –  4.5 of 5 Stars 

Positive Reviews by Users
  • Spacious storage
  • Excellent customer support
  • Durable construction
Negative Reviews by Users
  • Too flimsy for heavier drills

This is a great option for lighter, more compact drills.  There are enough extra pockets for basic accessories.  Based on reviews, we’d recommend this more for DIY work – “I like this holster. It’s sturdy.”

5. NoCry Fast Draw Balanced Fit Drill Holster

Specification List:
Material: ‎Polyester
Style: ‎‎For Right-Handed Users
Special Features:
     – Includes Right Handed Drill Holster
     – Angled holster design
     – 8 closed pockets

NoCry Fast Draw Balanced Fit Drill HolsterAs the name suggests, this unit is designed to give you easy access to your drill and other tools needed for the job. It may only be ideal for right-handers, but it is still packed with some impressive features.

Let’s see what they are.

Product Description

First, this holster has an angular design. The significance of this make is that it provides you with the balance needed for the comfortable holding of your tools.

An outstanding aspect of this unit is that it provides you with sufficient storage areas for your tools. You could either use the eight pockets for holding the screws and the nails or the five elastic pockets with closed bottom for keeping the bits.

Besides that, you also get four open loops for hanging tools such as wire cutters, pliers, and screwdrivers.

Other Features and Benefits

The ballistic material used in the constriction is not only crucial for durability, but it also makes the holster to be very easy to clean. This is probably due to its water-resistant nature.

Then, with a 3” belt and 7” strap, this unit is conveniently sized to hold your drill safely and comfortably.

Lastly, the angular design also ensures that your tools do not fall out as you bend during your workshop activities.

Buyer's Feedback Section

Overall Rating –  4.6 of 5 Stars 

Positive Reviews by Users
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows for comfortable bending
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Negative Reviews by Users
  • Only for right-handers

Buyers appreciate the functionality and the added pockets on this option.  Its affordable and sturdy, an easy way to keep your drill close buy.  Several reviewers commented on the durability, making it a great buy for our list.

6. Focuslife Dewalt DG5120 Heavy-duty Drill Holster

No products found.

There are a lot of positives that we could draw from this drill holster. Before looking at its specific features, keep in mind that if you want this unit to serve you for a decent duration, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the best maintenance practices.

Product Description

The first thing to discuss is the broad compatibility with belts. So, the belt can fit any belt that lies within the width of 2″ to 3 ¼”.

Next up is the angled design which is vital for better drill balance. This means that you will also be comfortable as you move around with the drill around your waist.

We cannot leave out the ballistic poly material used in the construction, which gives the holster durability and sturdiness needed for its efficiency.

Other Features and Benefits

Other notable features include the adjustable strap and quick-release buckle that do an excellent job of holding the drill in place within the holster.

The extra pockets and loops give the holster the capability to hold more tools such as bits and drivers.

And when the product is not in use, the hook and loop backing will help in keeping the strap safely out of the way.

Buyer's Feedback Section
Positive Reviews by Users
  • Provides easy access to the tools
  • Well-made
  • Angular design
Negative Reviews by Users
  • Gets bulky when full

7. CLC 5021 Impact Driver Holster

Specification List:
Material: ‎Multi, Polyester
Special Features:
     – Designed for smaller impact drivers
     – Adjustable strap and quick-release buckle
     – Includes Hook and loop backing

CLC 5021 Impact Driver Holster polyesterIn case you don’t know, CNC stands for Custom Leathercraft. This should give you a hint that the products from the brand are designed to suit the unique needs of each tool. In this case, the holster is specially designed for smaller impact drivers.

Here are some of the product’s specifications.

Product Description

Let’s start with the rugged polyester fabric construction, which should serve as an assurance that the holster will serve you for a long time to come.

Then, the unit is angled so that your tools do not fall out any time you bend over. Further, the adjustable strap and quick-release buckle are crucial for holding the driver in place securely.

We liked the multiple pockets and sleeves that help in keeping your bits and other useful accessories organized.

Other Features and Benefits

More on the durability is that this product is double stitched in all the relevant sections to ensure that it remains in one piece for the longest period.

Another aspect is that the holster is relatively lightweight, and this makes it easy to carry around.

Last but not least, the holster comes with a one-year warranty.

Buyer's Feedback Section

Overall Rating –  4.6 of 5 Stars 

Positive Reviews by Users
  • Built to last
  • Lightweight design
  • Angular design
  • Great value
Negative Reviews by Users
  • Bit holders do not have a closed bottom

We wrap up our list with this highly-rated holster.  Buyers like the lightweight, durable design of this option. “Bottom Line: Quality Holster.”

Buying Guide to High-Quality Drill Holsters

Now that we have provided you with the best lineup of drill holsters, we will also point out the factors to put into consideration as you shop for the ideal item.

We advise you to be keen on this section because if you get these factors right, your chances of landing the perfect item will rise significantly.

Here they are.

Durability and sturdiness

We believe that you would want a unit that would stay in one piece for the longest time possible no matter the kind of task you subject it to. The main determinant of a holster’s durability is the quality of the material used in the construction.

Besides the materials, the unit should also have double stitching and reinforced areas to ensure that it does not fall apart easily.

Another thing is that if the construction involves water-resistant materials, it will give you an easy time when cleaning time comes.


Note that drilling is a task that often needs other tools to get the job done, besides the drill. These accessories include screws and drill bits, and it is always a good idea to have them close by.

So, a drill holster with multiple pockets would enable you to carry all the accessories at once, but they have to be secured so that the tools do not end up falling out of your pocket.

Straight VS Angled Design

This is an aspect that you could easily ignore because you do not know its significance. We will point out why the design is essential so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of things.

It may seem like an angled holster always gets in your way as you go about your business in a normal position. However, you will appreciate this design when you have to bend over as it helps in preventing the tools from falling out.

All in all, it depends on which design you would feel most comfortable with, and we suggest you try out both designs before settling for one.

Holding Parts

Besides the pockets, there would be no harm if your unit has areas that would help in holding extra accessories such as nails, drill extension rods, and screwdrivers. In most cases, magnets are used for this purpose, and they tend to do a better job than ordinary pockets.

The size

The size of the holster depends on the drill that it is supposed to hold. Therefore, the larger the drill, the larger the holster should be and vice versa.

Safety of the drill

The holster should be well-built such that it would not lead to damaging your machine. For instance, sturdy straps would hold the drill securely in place so that it does fall out of its holding area that easily.

Easy access to the tools

No one likes a holster that gives them a hard time in accessing the tools and getting them back into the unit. So, take your time to examine the openings and the quick-release straps to ensure they facilitate the ease of getting your tools.

This aspect is particularly important when you are on the ladder, and you want to get your tool out or slide it back in.

Benefits of Investing in the Perfect Drill Holster

Why do we insist that you invest in the best drill holster? We will explain to you some of our reasons briefly below.


There is nothing as annoying as having to move from your workpiece to the toolbox within seconds to get a tool that is needed for the operation. So, if you had everything in one place, it would save you a lot of time since the unnecessary movement will be significantly minimized.

II) Keeps you and your tools safe

If you make endless journeys up and down the ladder or around the workshop, your chances of getting in an accident will increase. Therefore, a drill holster will eliminate the need for constant movements to keep you safe.

Additionally, since the tools are also in one place, they would be safe since they would not be falling unnecessary to break apart.

III) Organization

By securely holding your drill, bits, and any other tool needed for the operation at hand, the holster helps you stay organized. Each device is likely to be in its compartment to ensure that it is not mixed up with others which often leads to damages.

IV) Increased Output

With everything in one easily-accessible place, you can focus on the job at hand with fewer distractions, and this is likely to lead to better results.

FAQs on The Perfect Drill Holsters

We thought it wise to include some of the queries that we faced in our research on the ideal drill holster. As you check out the questions and their responses, there is always something useful that you can pick up from this section.

Q: What is the main purpose of a drill holster?

A: The main purpose of this unit is to keep all the tools that you need for your drilling operation close by. This would save you time and energy as you do not have to move from your work area to your toolbox to get whatever is needed for the job.

Q: What should I look for in a drill holster?

A: Some of the factors to pay attention to as you search for the perfect item include its durability, angled or straight design, size, number of pockets, extra storage areas and ease of access to the tools. Of course, there are more features to consider, but the ones we have mentioned are the main ones to put you on the right track.

Q: Are all holsters bulky?

A: Not all of them, and it depends on the construction. If a unit is made from sturdy and bulky materials, you can expect the holster to be heavy even before being filled with tools.

Our Top Pick

In the end, we settled on Dewalt DG5120 Drill Holster as the best item overall. Even without looking at the physical aspects and features that it possesses, the product comes from Dewalt, which is a name that is always associated with success.

However, check it out first and see if it meets your unique needs.

Final Word

If your drilling project has not been as successful as you had intended or hoped, a drill holster may be the missing piece of the puzzle. It is a useful item that would help you save time, energy and keep your tools in good shape for longer. We hope that our article has touched on everything important on the product so that next time you go shopping, you will be in a better position to make the right choice.

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