Adjusting Torque on Air Impact Wrench

One tool that has changed the perspective in the mechanical world is the air impact wrench. It has made it pretty easy to maintain your car as it enables you to loosen tight bolts and nuts without a lot of difficulty.

However, we sometimes end up with damaged screws and lugs due to failure to calibrate the torque. It could be because some of us do not know how to do it, and that is why we have come up with this article.

In this piece, we shall give you a simple guide on how you can adjust torque on an air impact wrench and get things done correctly.

Why Should I Adjust the Torque?

Before starting the procedure, it is vital that you understand its importance. This rotational force is responsible for giving the nuts, bolts, and screws the level of looseness you want.

Each nut has its unique specifications, which you can find in the vehicle’s user manual and is the first step in ensuring you are on the right path.

Then, you should also know that not setting the pressure to the correct levels has its own effects. Too much of it will weaken the threads in the nut, and you will end up with a loose item.

And if the force isn’t enough, the loose nuts won’t stay in place whenever your vehicle is subjected to vibrations, as in the case when driving over bumps.

The above scenarios should give you a hint on the critical role that the torque in an air impact wrench plays.

The Air Impact Wrench Torque Adjustment Procedure:

We shall approach this process by looking at two possible scenarios:

I) An Impact Wrench With Torque Adjustment

Air Impact Wrench Some impact wrenches come with a ring to control the torque. You would be lucky to find such a tool as the process is pretty easy in this instance. All you have to do is turn the ring and then use the numbered scale to select your ideal level.

Due to the preciseness that such tools offer, they are mainly used for delicate projects where utmost accuracy is needed to get the job done.

Most of all, the torque adjustment is as effortless as you could ever dream of.

II) One Without Torque Adjustment

The second category of impact wrenches is those without an option to set the torque to your preferred level. In this instance, you have three different torque adjustment methods to choose from, and we shall summarize them for you.

*Use of an Air Pressure Regulating Valve

Here, you will insert this pressure regulating valve between the impact wrench and the air hose to control the air flowing into the system. As a result, the wrench will apply less torque and will work for you if you are sure of the pressure levels needed to acquire a specific torque.

However, if you don’t find this method that precise, take a look at the next one.

*Install an Attachment Between the Socket and Wrench’s Rotating Head

When you insert this attachment, it will regulate the torque applied by a certain degree to a particular level. In the end, there won’t be significant damage to the bolts and nuts in the setup.

The impressive thing about this method is that it works for all impact wrench models and is quite precise.

*Adjust with the Compressor Valves

The final method is only applicable in pneumatic tools and is less accurate than the others we have checked out. It is relatively simple as you will be making the adjustments via the compressor valves.

However, with time, you may notice that this method has a negative effect on the performance of other pneumatic tools within the system.

Safety Tips as you Adjust torque on your Air Impact Wrench

Now that you know some of the techniques you may use to make the necessary torque adjustments on your tool let’s give you some handy tips to ensure you come out of the procedure in one piece.

They include:

  • Use clean and dry air.
  • Use safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying objects.
  • Try and maintain the operating pressure of the tool at about 90 PSL.
  • No loose hair on the worksite.
  • Protect yourself from electric shocks.
  • Take off any jewelry or loose clothing while using the air impact wrench.
  • Ensure that the air hose is disconnected before you start with the adjustments.

Closing Remark

If you have fully grasped every piece of information presented in this piece, you shouldn’t have any difficulty adjusting your impact wrench’s torque. If not, you’ll end up with excessively tight or loose bolts which would not perform their intended tasks.

Further, using the correct level of air pressure will ensure that the tool remains in top condition so that it serves you for a long time to come.