Types of Wood Drill Bits

If you want to achieve maximum accuracy in your woodworks, you need the right drill for the job. Further, that power tool must have the correct bit for you achieve the desired results. With that in mind, you must be wondering which types of wood drill bits exist out there. Well, they are in plenty, and we shall provide you with all the relevant information on them.

Let’s get down to business hoping that you’ll be best-placed to find the tool that is your perfect match in the end.

Some Factors to think About Before Drilling into Wood

First, there are several things you need to keep in mind about these bits. This is way, you can avoid messing up the project and wasting valuable time and energy.

These factors include:

I) The Bit Materials and Coatings

The materials and coatings help will help you know your product’s efficiency and how long you expect it to serve you. Then, the material will determine how suitable the bit will be for the job at hand.

When you look at the different units in the market, you’ll notice that most of them are made of metal. However, there is a difference in each item’s metal composition, which affects their overall efficiency.

In this regard, the common materials for making bits are:

  • High-speed Steel
  • Solid carbide
  • Cobalt

Then, a coating is used to keep corrosion and rusting at bay, thereby making them more durable. Further, it also helps make the units well-suited for the job. The most common coatings used include:

  • Black oxide
  • Titanium Nitrate (TiN)
  • TiAIN
  • Silicone

II) Types of Wood

In general, there are two main wood species, hardwood, and softwood and it is easier to drill into the latter than the former.

This means that for hardwood, you’ll need tougher material such as titanium for proper drilling, while the softwood could do with high-speed steel.

III) The Target Holes

Lastly, you should also think about the purpose of drilling the holes, which could be for holding shelves, hanging paintings, or wiring. These different uses will significantly impact the type of bit that you will use for the job.

The Types of Wood Drill Bits

Let’s now get to the main part of this article, where we shall have a detailed analysis of the different types of wood drilling units available for you.

They include:

1. Twist Drill Bits

This is probably the most common type of bit you’ll find, and it is perhaps due to its multi-functionality. This means that besides wood, this units works for plastic and steel.

However, for the best results, you should pay attention to the hardness and the quality of material used to make the unit. Further, focus on the brand, since some names in the market are quite disappointing.

2. Adjustable Bits

If you are wondering where the name came from, it is due to the extendible cutting arm that helps change the hole size so that you can attain the accuracy you desire.

This unit is also known as an expansive bit, and only a high toque drill will maximize its efficiency.

wood bits

3. Dowel Bits

The outstanding feature of these units is the sharp center that ensures the power tool does not wander off while drilling. This is crucial in getting the accurate and round holes that every handy person dreams of.

Lastly, the units are built to have minimal walking, contributing even more to the drill’s accuracy as it bores holes into wood.

4. Spade Bits

If you want holes with larger diameters than what we are used to, this type of bits are your best bet. They have a wide and flat area that enables them bore such holes with ease.

However, they don’t have flutes, and you should be extra careful while drilling deeper holes.

5. Auger Bits

These units are compatible with any cordless drill with enough torque to drive them into the wooden surface. In addition to that, they are more energy-efficient than most of the other units we have looked at.

Since we all want clean holes, these units will do just that by gouging out the wood whenever it moves inwards.

6. Countersink Bits

With these bits, you won’t have to worry about the screws protruding outside the holes you have created. We attribute this to the shallow recess in the wood that the unit makes, which is enough to accommodate the screw head.

An advantage of these units is that they are available in different shapes and sizes so that you can easily find one compatible with your screw’s shape. In addition to that, if they are not available for some reason, you can use a large twist drill bit in its place.

Proper Care of Your Wood Drill Bits

If you want your bits to serve you for the longest time to come, you have to take utmost care of them. So, we have listed down a few pointers below on how you can take care of your units well:

  • At the end of the day, your bit has probably accumulated a lot of debris on its surfaces from all the material it has been drilling into. So, start by cleaning the unit with warm water, a cleaning brush, and soap.
  • The next step involves disinfecting the bit by soaking it in a disinfectant and letting it stay there for the amount of time mentioned on the label. The timing is crucial since the protective coating could erode if the bits remain in the disinfectant for too long.
  • Once the disinfecting period lapses, take and dry the pieces well before placing them in their proper storage areas.

Final Word

When it comes to drilling holes into wood, you have to pay extra attention to the tools you use since you may easily ruin the entire material. One such tool is the drill bit which will determine the quality and depth of the holes you end up with.

Well, we have provided you with a list of the different types available so that you know which one works for you. Further, you may find the maintenance tips helpful as they give you ideas on how you can keep the accessories useful for longer.

Last but not least, take your time and read customer reviews to know what previous users think about the product. Should the negatives exceed the positives, consider this a red flag and look at the alternatives. This way, you can avoid spending money on a product that will only leave you disappointed with yourself.