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Not all wall fixtures require screws to hold up. Some fittings carry extra weight and need strong concrete fasteners for support. A 3/8 wedge anchor with firm conical base steps in for such applications.

A wedge anchor provides firm support in places where ordinary screws may not hold fixtures and are appropriate for dry concrete.

Let’s look at some features of wedge anchors that make them a perfect choice of fasteners.

Features of Wedge Anchors and Specifications

Wall fittings do not need to loosen especially when there’s some extra weight attached. Depending on the size of your fixture, you need to have the right matching anchor. Here are some features to consider.


The length of a wedge anchor is a sum of the fixture thickness, minimum embedment depth, washer, and nut distance. The sum is equal to the minimum length to use for any wedge anchor applications. The thicker the material, the longer the wedge anchors.

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The diameter of a wedge anchor is relative to the minimum embedment depth. Embedment depth refers to how deep your wedge anchor lies to hold up the weight of a fitting.

The depth should have an extra margin of ¼ to ½ inch from the real length to accommodate the distance covered by the washer and nut.

Besides, wedge anchor use also depends on the weight of the material. A heavy fixture requires larger diameter to hold and fit snugly.

Type of Anchor

Their differences come in terms of the type of materials, threads, and fixture thickness. You can choose one depending on the indoor, outdoor, or nature of corrosion resistance. The metal wedge anchors include zinc-plated carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel anchors.

On the other hand, full-threaded wedge anchors are better when adjusting the nut and washer. It also leaves some space for tightening the nut properly with a wrench after hammering in.

So, how do you decide on the right bit size for 3/8 wedge anchor?  Let’s look at the type of drill bits you need to obtain the right hole size for your 3/8 wrench anchors.

What is the Drill Bit Size for 3/8 Wedge Anchor

The right hole size should support the wedge and the weight of the fitting. The most appropriate drill bit for a 3/8 wedge anchor should be;

1. Same size as the diameter of the anchor

Since the wedge anchor should fit snugly into the hole, the shank of the drill bit should be the same size as its front diameter. Therefore, a 3/8 drill bit is the match for a 3/8 wedge anchor.

2. High-quality carbide drill bits for concrete

Carbide-tipped drill bits have a high heat resistance and the right tip angles to work on dry concrete. They should be steady not to break as drilling concrete needs the hammer rotation mode and they should have the tolerance for the hammer action.

They should also meet the ANSI standards

Wrap Up

The size of the wedge anchor depends on the thickness and weight of your fitting. If you are still wondering what size drill bit for a 3/8 wedge anchor, you have all the answers right above.  Otherwise, your home improvement procedures should be easy with the right concrete fasteners.

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