Number 7 Drill Bit Size

A number 7 drill bit is a size of drill bit that is used in wood and metal. A number 7 drill bit has a diameter of 3/32″ or 0.09375″ inches. It is also known as a 5/64″ drill bit, which means the diameter of the hole that it will drill is 0.15625″ inches. In this how-to article, we will show you everything to know about this particular drill bit and its different applications.

Uses of a Number 7 Drill Bit

The size of a drill bit is measured in millimeters or “mils.” A number 7 drill bit is typically used for drilling holes with a diameter of 0.8mm to 2mm. This means that it will drill holes with diameters ranging from 0.032 inches to 0.08 inches.

The most common uses for a number 7 drill bit include:

Repairing Small Pieces of Furniture

Repairing a small cabinet
If you have a small piece of furniture that needs repair work done on it, use this drill bit so that you don’t break any of the surrounding parts while making the repair.

Using a random orbit sander will ensure that you get rid of all the old paint without damaging any of the other parts of your piece of furniture too much or at all!

Drilling Holes Into Different Materials

Drilling into wood

The number 7 drill bit is a handy tool to have on hand. The size of this bit makes it ideal for drilling holes into wood, plastic and other soft materials.

The smaller diameter and width of the hole produced by a number 7 drill bit also makes it ideal for making pilot holes for screws. Here are some common uses for this handy bit:

Drilling Holes Into Wood

A number 7 drill bit is commonly used to make pilot holes for screwing into wood. This type of drill bit can be used on soft woods like pine, fir, spruce and cedar as well as hardwoods such as oak, maple and ash.

Drilling Holes Into Plastic

A number 7 drill bit works well when you need to make holes in plastic. You can use this type of bit to create holes in thin sheets of plastic or thick ones like a garbage can liner. Plastic will dull your drill bits quickly so use a lubricant like WD-40 or mineral oil when drilling into plastics to prevent them from overheating or cracking while they’re in use.

Drilling Holes Into Metal

You can also use a number 7 drill bit to drill through metal if you want to create an anchor point or attach something onto it with screws or bolts.

Creating Small Holes for Jewelry-Making and Crafts

A number 7 drill bit is commonly used by jewelers when making jewelry. It is also used by crafters when making items such as wooden beads and other decorative objects. If you’re creating jewelry from metal or any other material, then you may need smaller sized hole bits so that you can create designs with them.

Drilling Deeper Holes (Metal, Plastic and Other Hard Materials)

Drilling holes into metal

A number 7 drill bit is a small, thin drill bit with a point that is diamond-shaped and made of high-speed steel. This bit can be used to create holes in metal, plastic and other hard materials. It is most commonly used to drill deeper holes in metal than a standard twist drill bit or twist drill.

Number 7 drills are also used to drill holes in hard plastics, including acrylics and Plexiglas. These materials are difficult to drill through with a standard twist drill because they tend to chip or break the tip of the bit when it hits the surface of the material being drilled.

A number 7 bit allows you to drill deeper into these materials without damaging your equipment.
In addition to drilling holes into metal, plastic and other hard materials, number 7 bits can also be used for drilling small holes in softer materials such as wood or leather.

The smaller size of these bits makes them ideal for drilling smaller holes in softer materials because they do not require as much pressure on the drill press as larger bits do.

Drilling through Thick Layers of Material (Plywood or Sheetrock and Mounting Screws or Nails)

Drilling into layers of wood

The 7-degree drill bit is designed to help you make holes in materials that are thicker than wood. The bit has a cutting edge, which allows it to cut through material without splintering or tearing the surface. This type of drill bit is used for drilling through plywood and sheet rock when installing screws or nails.

The 7-degree drill bit is also known as a brad point drill bit. The name is derived from the shape of the tip of the bit, which looks like a nail with a head on top of it. The tip has two edges that are angled at 7 degrees from each other. This helps create cleaner holes when drilling through material that’s thicker than wood.

Final Thoughts

The size 7 drill bit is one of the most widely used drill bits in the world. It is used for drilling holes in a wide range of materials, from metal to plastic. The number 7 drill bit is also known as a 1/8″ drill bit or an eighth-inch drill bit.

The most common use of a number 7 drill bit is to create holes in metal. The high-speed steel tip on this bit allows it to cut through different types of metals such as aluminum, copper and brass. You can use this type of bit to create a hole in any piece of metal that you are working with, including sheet metal and piping.