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Power tools can shorten the time and strength needed for various kinds of projects or tasks.

In this Dewalt 20V drill review, we present the specifications of and a sample of user experiences with this dual function power tool.

Here, we will help you evaluate whether this is right for you by highlighting factors such as power, ease of use and how it performs with more extensive projects.

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Complete Review of the Dewalt 20V Drill (2023)



Feature List
Power Source: Battery Powered
Maximum Power:
 ‎300 watts
Speed: ‎1500 RPM
Voltage: ‎20 Volts
Amperage : 1.3 Amps
Special Features:
     – High-speed transmission
     – Multi-functional
     – Includes LED light




DEWALT-20V-Max-Cordless-Drill The 20V rechargeable drill comes in its signature black and yellow and is constructed with steel. As you’ll encounter in this Dewalt 20v drill review, the lithium ion batteries (of which two come with this drill set) promote a light weight and ease in handling. With the batteries come 20 volts and a maximum of 300 watts.

Holding drill bits in place is the function of the rotatable chuck. You can close this to as small as a diameter of 1/2 inch, allowing for the use of drill bits and screwdriver bits as thin as 1/2 inch in diameter.

The one LED light near the trigger stays on for ten seconds after you have stopped drilling or screw driving. On the impact drive, you’ll see three LED lights. These afford some visibility if you’re in dark spaces or in the night time.

This drill rates at 300 UWO. This figure refers to the unit Watts out, or the point at which the speed and torque of the drill reach their peak. With a higher UWO comes a faster job.

As such, when you peruse the customer comments summaries in this Dewalt 20V drill review or other customer profiles, you will noticed that this product works better for smaller-scale projects.

Product Documentation

  • LED Light: The LED light is a nice feature to provide visibility. Due to its position near the trigger, there are mixed reviews on its ultimate usefulness. Most notably, the body of the screwdriver may prevent light from illuminating the screw being inserted.
  • Compact Size: With its compact dimensions, this drill can find its way into close sleeve fitted places. At 3.64 pounds, it proves not to be cumbersome while performing or being carried.
  • Two batteries: Having two batteries with this drill represents a plus because you don’t lose work from having to charge a single battery. If you plan correctly, you can use one fully charged battery while the other achieves the same state.
  • Multi-function: This functions as both a drill and a screwdriver. When using as a drill, you can have bits that are up to ½ in thick. This is determined by the chuck, which holds the drill. with this driver, you can tighten, or close, the chuck to 1/2 inch. The chamber also supports screwdriving bits.
  • No separate bit holder: Make sure that you have a bit box or other holder handy. This Dewalt driver does not have a built-in holder for bits. With this feature absent, you will have to spend time searching when you have to change drill bits or screwdriver bits.
  • Insecure chuck: In this Dewalt 20V drill review, we’ve already explained the function of the chuck. Several reviewers Express concerns that drill bits fall out of the chuck during use.
  • Doesn’t work on 220V outlets: When you see a four-prong outlet for your stove, washer or dryer, you’re looking at 220-volt power receptacles. These are standard in many places outside the United States. Since this Dewalt driver recharger doesn’t have a 220-volt plug, you’ll need to buy a converter to use this product overseas.

Our Opinion

It’s a fantastic drill to have for the price, despite some of the issues. While the drill doesn’t have a separate bit holder, you improvise something or bring a box with you to store the additional bits.

If you have a 220V outlet, you might want to get an adapter or power converter to charge the drill. By doing so, you will most likely optimize power efficiency for other electric devices you have in your house. However, if you live in the US, it’s highly unlikely this will ever be an issue.

Finally, the somewhat insecure chuck problem occurs fairly rarely. If it happens to you, try pushing the bit in with a little more force.

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What Users Reviews Say

A multitude of customers have things to say about this compact drill. we summarize some of those in this Dewalt 20V drill review.

In giving this 5 out of 5 stars, “A.J.” notes that the drill, a fast charger, soft case and two batteries come at a very slightly higher price than the typical cost of one replacement battery. As a lighter weight product then drills with the NiCad batteries, the drill fills stable and balanced. With two batteries comes the ability to use one and charge the other at the same time.

Unlike other LED light equipped drills, the Dewalt keeps its lights on for about 10 seconds after releasing the trigger. This provides some time to align bits and screws.

In short, they like it.

From another user come positive comments about the carry bag and its room to hold the two batteries and charger with relative ease. the drill can also be handled with ease because its weight is comparable to a feather and controls are readily accessible. The lightweight of the battery makes the unit appear top-heavy. The user took off a star mainly because there is no spare bit holder.

Another user opines that this Dewalt works well for minor, namely household tasks such as hanging photos and shelves, toy and Ikea furniture assembly and other minor jobs. It lost torque when screwing in three-inch deck screws into SFP lumber. This reviewer recommended Makita for remodeling or in construction or more industrial endeavors.


This Dewalt 20V drill has the appearances of effectiveness inconvenience. Generally, it’s lightweight and compact and comes with two batteries that help you avoid work interruptions.

However, it’s easy handling may come at the expense of being able to tackle jobs beyond the standard household hanging of blinds, frames, and shelves. Experiences over the battery life vary between long life and quick depletion.

Overall, we think this is a good vibe especially if you need something around the house for minor jobs. Opt for more heavier and heavy-duty products if you’re planning construction or more rigorous jobs. Please let us know if this Dewalt 20V drill review has helped you or if you have other ideas.