Making a Hole in Glass Without a Drill – 5 Most Effective Methods

Have a craft or household project that needs you to make a hole through glass? Well, with the best drill bit for the job, you can easily drill holes into a glass.

But what happens if you don’t have a drill on hand? It could be that it’s broken or even lost. Or you probably don’t have the money to get the right drill bit.

You don’t need to worry because there are different ways on how to make a hole in glass without a drill. Let’s check them out.

Those are the Methods to Create a Hole in the Glass without use of a Drill:

Method 1: Glass Cutter

If you want to make large holes in flat glass, you can use a glass cutter. However, you need to be careful if you want to make a perfect hole that is a full circle.

So, how do you use a glass cutter to make holes? For the best results, it is recommended to put some tape around the area you plan to make the hole. This will help minimize vibrations and also prevent the glass from breaking.

Next, score the circle, and using your glass cutter, tap the center of it until it pops through. And make sure to do it slowly and gently so you don’t hurt yourself.

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Method 2: Duct Tape and a Lighter

Another method you can use to create holes in glass comprises using duct tape and a lighter. This technique works best on a bottle but can also be used on flat glass.

Besides the duct tape and lighter, you will also need a ball-peen hammer, a thin nail, and a glass of cold water.

Using duct tape, cover the bottom of the bottle. But if using flat glass, simply cover the entire area that you want to make the hole. Next, pour water in the surrounding areas that you don’t want to be punctured.

After that, heat the area where you plan to make the holes using a lighter until it’s very hot. This will make it easier for you to puncture the glass. Lastly, using a ball-peen hammer, hit the nail into the glass once, and the hole will pop.

Method 3: String and Kerosene

This is an age-old method that is best suited for thicker glass or bottles. You can also use it to cut a glass bottle in half.

Along with the kerosene and an 8-inch-long piece of string, you will also need matches. To begin making a hole, you first need to figure out where exactly you want the hole.

After doing so, tie a circle in the string. The circle should be of the same size as the hole you want to create on the glass.

Next, soak part of the string in kerosene and place it on the exact spot you want to make the hole. Finally, strike a match and light the string in a fire to create a hole through the glass.

Method 4: Carbide Masonry Bit with Oil

With carbide masonry bit and oil, you can create holes in both bottles and flat glass. Start by taping the areas around the hole. The tape should extend to at least a 6-inch radius from the center to the hole.

Next up, oil the tip of your masonry bit and slowly press against the glass. Make sure not to press too hard because you could break the glass.

If making the holes on bottles, fill the bottle with water to minimize vibrations. Then apply oil on the bit and press it firmly against the glass.

Method 5: Tapered File with Kerosene

Last but not least, it’s easy to make holes in glass using a tapered file and kerosene. This method works on any glass but takes a little longer to see results.

First, you should apply a drop of lubricant to the tip of the file. Then, place the tip against the area of the glass you want to create a hole and turn it slowly.

This may take quite a while, so you need to be patient. And when you feel the tip is too dry, you should add some more lubricant.

More importantly, always create a little divot to ensure the tip stays in place as you turn the tapered file.

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Bottom Line

Drilling glass is an art. The good news is that there are many techniques on how to make a hole in glass without a drill. However, some are more effective than others. Also, some methods are easy to learn compared to others. So, just be sure to choose a method that is suitable for you.

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