Split Point Drill Bit (Wondering the Uses) Functional How-To Guide

Most workshops use ordinary standard drill bits for their day-to-day applications. A standard drill bit has a lifespan of 135 holes and you may have to replace them soon. It depends on the quality of construction material, metal finish, sizes, and heat resistance.

However, if you should compare a split point Vs a conventional drill bit, a few benefits arise in terms of productivity and speed of drilling. And that’s why out of the several conventional bits in a workshop, a few split point bits shouldn’t miss. Let us look at the comparison between the two.

Split Point Vs Conventional Drill Bit

Split point bits have 135 degrees bit geometry and they mostly cut through hard metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and ferrous sheets. The tip angle unlike the 118 degrees in conventional bits does not dull easily, and if it does, you can still re-sharpen using a bench grinder.

Besides, a split point bit has a high marking precision and grip. So that, when you place it on a wood or metal surface, it is self-centering and prevents bit walking. However, the smooth ends of a regular bit need a pilot hole before they can start to drill. Otherwise, regular bits may wobble before hitting the target hole.

Although the cutting surface of a standard bit increases the drilling action, it is also prone to faster blunting with high heat generation. Split points have a higher heat resistance so that their blades do not dull easily.

Lastly, the 3-groove flute of a split point bit ensures faster chip removal compared to the 2-groove flute of a regular bit, hence makes drilling faster.

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Features of a Split Point Drill Bit

Maybe you are wondering how different a split point is from a regular bit. Let us walk you through the special features that make it high-performing.

Cutting Edges

A split point has long cutting blades with a smaller chisel edge. So that, it has more grip on the metal surface which eliminates walking and makes it self-centering. Regular bits have a smoother larger chisel.

Split Point Drill Bit Angle

The tip geometry of a split point bit is 135 degrees, which makes it easy to grind and re-sharpen without breaking its tips. It is also self-centering bits.

Flute Type

The three cutting blades form the flute. Its flute is also similar to a twist drill bit and that makes it possible to use them on split point twist drills.

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Why Use a Split Point Drill Bit?

With a regular bit, the small angle at the tip makes it prone to walking and that means, you need a center punch to make a pilot hole before drilling. Using a split-point bit makes the operation faster with straight forwarding drilling thus its identified as a speed bit for high productivity.

On the other hand, the tip geometry makes it possible to re-sharpen at an angle grinder and thus renew its working state. It, therefore, reduces replacement costs. For instance, a split point cobalt drill bit set should last you for months before you decide to replace them.

What Are Some Of the Best Split Point Bits for Metal?

Most drill bits for metal are made of high-speed steel, HSCO, and cobalt. All these bits are sturdy with high heat resistance for durability and a longer bit life. However, the Dewalt 1/8 split point drill bit is an excellent one with longer bit life, as it is either cobalt-coated, titanium, or with black oxide finish.

Another option is the titanium split point drill bit set 29 pc. However, titanium is for soft metals, wood, and other abrasive material and may not stand the heat generation of hard metals.

Should You Buy A Regular Bit Or A Split Point?

Depending on the amount of workload in your area, we recommend that apart from the regular bits, split point end drill bits are also a worthy investment. The bit geometry and the flute types make it easy to work with them and boost your working speed.

Ending Note

Split point bits have several productive benefits over conventional bits. You need to choose high-quality brands to experience these benefits. Otherwise, do not forget to invest in these high-precision bits as they make your work easier, fast and rewarding.

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