Makita 18v Lithium Drill Review in 2023

The Makita 18v lithium drill currently stands as one of the more popular choices on the market. However, it’s often difficult to know exactly how well a drill might fit into one’s own needs.

This Makita 18v lithium drill review from 2020 will examine the most important aspects of the tool. The primary metrics for judging it relate to specs.

These include power, weight, charging and price. It will also delve into specific user experiences as well. This ensures that the Makita 18v lithium drill review covers both objective and subjective elements.

Makita 18v Lithium Drill Description

The Makita 18v lithium drill should instantly impress people with its unique design. Most power drills tend to look fairly similar. But the Makita 18v offers a much longer auxiliary handle than competitors. However, at the same time it’s just short enough that it doesn’t feel cumblesome.


Amperage Capacity: 2.0 Ah battery
Maximum Torque: ‎480 in.lbs.
Maximum Speed: ‎1500 RPM
Special Features:
     – Compact and Powerful
     – Variable 2-speed
     – 4-pole motor
     – Built-in L.E.D. light with afterglow

Makita 18v Lithium Drill 1500 rpm This longer handle also helps improve overall safety. People gain a greater ability to maneuver the drill around difficult locations. This, in turn, helps to reduce chances of straining oneself into difficult or dangerous positions.

These safety considerations extend to lighting. It features LED lighting that directly ties into the rechargeable batteries. This ensures that one can expect light in even the darkest corners or locations.

The chances of the light or the drill itself running out of power are also lower than normal. The drill uses intelligent power management to regulate overheating, over-discharge and overloading in general. All of this helps to keep battery efficiency at the absolute best possible level. Additionally, it ships with two batteries. One can easily switch out between them while charging the other.

When combined with a reliable motor it’s a great general purpose device. This makes it an ideal tool for almost any type of user.

Makita 18v Lithium Drill – Specs

Raw specs aren’t everything. But the bulk of a drill’s nature are often determined by these metrics. This Makita 18v lithium drill review will go into greater depth on the subject. But one can see that the Makita 18v lithium drill boasts some impressive numbers. The overall weight is slightly lower than many competitors. But it’s made up for by the overall efficiency and power displayed by the drill.

Dimensions: 9.3”x 13”x 10”Weight: 3.3 lbMaterial: Metal/Plastic/RubberBatteries: Lithium ionMotor Type: 480 max torquePower Source: Lithium ion batteriesVoltage: 18vWatts: 27 wattsWarranty: 3 year limited

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Pros and Cons

This Makita 18v lithium drill review has highlighted some raw specs. But many of these numbers require some additional explanation. For example, the battery system is a little different than with many other drills.

The battery features some advanced techniques to get the most out of a drill. But at the same time, this breaks overall compatibility with other devices. As such, one should assume that the Makita 18v’s batteries won’t work with other drills. And likewise, that their batteries won’t work with the Makita 18v. However, there are some additional benefits to this battery design. One of the most important being faster overall charging time.

It’s also able to get more power than one might expect from that charge. It can provide a maximum 480” lbs of maximum torque. And this is also done with two variable speeds. The battery’s intelligent power management fits in with this system to provide longer battery life. And it even works well with an integrated LED lighting system.

The longer handle might be either a pro or con to different people. When used to one’s full advantage, the longer handle provides greater flexibility and safety. It might provide a learning curve for some people though.

Buyer's Feedback Section
Amazon Rating
 4.5 of 5 stars  – 114 Total Reviews
Positive Feedback
  • Low cost
  • High output motor capable of 480 max torque
  • ½” keyless metal locking for bit retention
  • Fully integrated LED based lighting system
  • Unique case design for maximum efficiency
  • Fast charging battery
  • Longer battery life
Negative Feedback
  • Extended case design might prove difficult to get used to
  • Uses a battery that’s not compatible with most other drills

Product Documentation

  • Product Specifications (PDF)


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What Users Say

User experiences are one of the best ways of understanding how drills work in real world situations. One such user talked about his experiences once his supervisor provided the Makita at work.

He was quite impressed by the overall amount of power it was able to push out. He did find himself wishing that the batteries carried just a bit more power though.

One point in particular caught his attention. The overall power of the drill’s impact was able to meet and exceed his overall expectations.

He’s been so happy with it that he’s turned down opportunities to use any other model. Even if those models might suggest overall higher level specs. He states it’s accomplished every goal.

So far, so good

Another user complimented the overall size of the drill. He felt that the drill itself was fairly compact. But at the same time found himself impressed by the overall user experience.

And in the end he found himself so impressed that he ensured that future hardware purchases were compatible with the drill’s battery type.

As such, he was able to more easily swap out batteries with the Makita and other tools. This gets around the issue of the drill’s somewhat unusual battery design. It also complimented the user’s continued use of the Makita. He used it so often and to such a great extent that he was going through the battery recharge cycle too quickly.

Yet another user mentioned using it with such varied materials as large screws and even huge logs. Despite the heavy materials he says the drill’s managed to hold up quite well.

The great reviews just keep on coming

One user went as far as saying that he’ll buy the same drill model in case it ever breaks. He said he’s been using it for three and a half years at the time of his review and that he loved it.

The only negative thing he noticed about the drill is that its batteries were starting to slowly wear out. That’s actually understandable since he’s been using it for so long.

One user claimed that he’s had the same Makita drill for almost 12 years. It is not clear if he was referring to this particular product or about another drill from the same company. Either way, that’s quite impressive if true.

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In conclusion, this Makita 18v lithium drill review paints a picture of a well designed tool worthy of recommendation. The overall cost compares quite well with comparable options.

But at the same time it boasts some big advantages over the competition. This includes a powerful battery design, unique frame and efficient motor. There’s few downsides and a significant amount of advantages to it.

Users are encouraged to share any experiences or thoughts regarding the Makita 18v. It offers an impressive amount of options. And this means many different takes on how to get the best use out of those capabilities.

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