What Size Drill Bit for #8 Screw – Guide by DrillingAdvisor

Deciding the kind of drill bit to use for your project can be daunting. That can push you to enlist the services of a professional, which of course comes at an extra cost.

If you are not too keen on spending the extra cash, you may want to do it in your own. You are in luck because we are going to take you through the process of picking the correct-sized drill bit for #8 screw.

Now, you can pick by size or type so let us get right into that.

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By Type

Drill bits are usually arranged according to the medium on which they can be used such as metal, masonry, and wood.

Small, pointed tips identify bits designed for wood and if you take a closer look, you will see spurs on either side.

Masonry bits feature come with a slightly sloping tip that is sometimes coated in carbide. This is done to improve their sharpness.

These bits work best with cinder block and stone although they can be used with some tiles as well.

Metal drill bits feature wide-angled points at the end and they may come painted black at times.

If you want the best of such bits, look for those labeled HSS simply because they are extremely versatile. High-end options are usually coated in titanium while others like steel bits will only be ideal for puncturing soft aluminum.

By Size

Did you know that drill bits also come with hole charts to help you identify what size drill bit you need for your particular project?

Such charts are based on the screw shank and should only be used as guides. For instance:

1. You want to use one that is 1/64 inches smaller than your target hole if you intend to create holes on softwood.

2. Go for a bit that is the same size as your hole when dealing with other materials.

3. If you are unsure about what bit to select, pick one that is 1/64 inches larger that the hole you intend to make because that will account for variations regarding screw type and material density.

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So, What is the Best Size Drill Bit for 8 Screw?

Well, you will need a #29 drill bit for your pilot hole if you have a type A, AB, or B self-tapping screws. If you have high-low screws, a #30 bit will work for a #8 screw.

For a #8 hammer drive, the drill bit size should be #27 and if you will be drilling through standard wood, a 1/8 inch would be perfect for #8 screw.

On the other hand, you will need an 11/64-inch bit for the screw if you are working with hardwood. A 5/32 inch bit works perfectly for softwood.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what size drill bit for #8 screw will take a bit of practice on your side but do not allow that to intimidate you. The best course of action to take would be to refer to the hole charts provided by manufacturers before picking. Another great tip we can give is to keep your bits organized to make the selection process easier and faster.

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