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In the following Porter Cable 20V drill review from 2024 we’ll consider what sets the PCCK600LB model apart from the competition. We’ll begin by examining the porter’s general features. From there we’ll consider more detailed examinations of specific metrics. It’ll include points such as weight, value, warranty and long term use.

By the end of this Porter Cable 20V drill review we’ll have two main points. The first is overall performance for the drill. And the second is overall applicability to different usage scenarios.


Review of the Porter Cable 20v Drill (Updated 2024)


Porter Cable 20v




The PCCK600LB drill is usually seen as a mid-tier option. And this Porter Cable 20V drill review will make it clear that it’s also quite versatile. To begin, it ships with two batteries. This allows one to easily swap out a drained battery for a newly charged one.

It also offers two speed settings. A high setting for drilling holes, and a lower speed setting for use as a powered screwdriver. This also doubles as a safety feature by ensuring one isn’t trying to use a high powered option for a low powered task.

The overall form factor is fairly solid and doesn’t deviate far from cordless drill standards. The main exception comes from weight. It only weighs 3.5lbs, but this is unevenly balanced with the battery weight. The end result is a somewhat uneven feel when using this drill.

This Porter Cable 20V drill review should emphasize its choice as a mid-tier option. The performance sits solidly in that range. It has a maximum speed of 1,600 RPM and 330 UWO turning force.

The drill also offers 23 clutch settings. This ensures that one can properly adapt it to the material one is working with. This especially compliments its speed settings.

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The specs within this Porter Cable 20V drill review are among the most important points to consider. In particular, the motor and voltage highlight it as a fairly solid option for average sized projects. One should also note that the drill includes not just one but two rechargeable batteries. This makes longer projects much more feasible.

Dimensions: ‎12.81 x 4.19 x 11.19 inches, Weight: 3.5lbs, Material: Plastic, Batteries:‎ 1 Lithium Ion batteries required, Motor Type: 330 unit watt output motor, Power Source: Battery powered, Voltage: 20v, Watts: 330 UWO

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Our Review

The Porter Cable 20V’s battery brings both advantages and disadvantages. The battery itself charges at a surprisingly fast rate. In general one can expect it to go from fully discharged to 100% in around 40 minutes.

At the same time it discharges at a fairly rapid pace as well. But even at unrealistically high levels of use one can still swap out discharged for charged batteries. The battery also influences the drill’s overall weight distribution.

The drill is surprisingly light, which one might view as either pro or con. But it does mean that the battery’s weight isn’t properly countered by the drill itself. People who aren’t used to cordless drills might not notice this unusual weight distribution. But it’s significant enough to provide a learning curve of sorts to experienced users.

The drill features a powerful LED lighting system that’s perfectly situated for low light work. It provides a high level of illumination while only using a minuscule amount of battery power.

Finally, the biggest issue one should consider is overall speed. Even as a mid-tier option it’s on the slower end of the scale. It has a maximum turning force of only 330 UWO. It’s an acceptable speed, but lower than one might expect.


  • Fast 40 minute battery charge time
  • 23 clutch settings
  • Bright LED work light
  • Three year warranty
  • Two speed settings


  • Uneven balance
  • Rapid battery discharge
  • 330 UWO is somewhat lower than average
  • Lighter than one might expect

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What Users Say

Uses tend to have a positive view of the Porter Cable 20V drill. For example, one user bought it as a quick fix for some screws. But after experimenting with it he was continually surprised by the fact that it handled a wide variety of drilling materials. Everything from wood and plastic to mixing paint. He even notes that he was able to mix cement using the drill without any problems.

Another user was particularly taken by the rapid charging time. He began charging it while looking over the instruction sheet. And by the time he was finished the battery had reached 100% charged. He also noted that it was more than powerful enough to outperform his previous drill. To the point of saying that in comparison the old drill seemed more like a screwdriver.

Another user noted that the drill’s lightweight helped prevent any hand fatigue. He was able to work through construction of a deck with it and came away impressed. He even left it out at night in the rain. But the next morning it was still in perfect condition. He also noted how helpful the LED light was when working on the deck in darker conditions.

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This Porter Cable 20V drill review presents a solid choice for mid-tier projects. There are some downsides, such as the lower than average speed. But in general the light weight design, cost, durability and versatility make it an ideal choice for most projects. Battery life would have been an issue. But the second battery and fast charging time make swapping it out a fairly trivial endeavor.

However, this Porter Cable 20V drill review also highlights how much goes into drill design. It’s an incredibly versatile cordless drill. Users are encouraged to share their own experiences, ideas and questions regarding it.

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